Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 4, 2014

Three Paragraphs = $150 and Publication

“Miracles of Kindness” is nearing completion but we are looking for a last few stories to fill out the full scope of our book. Have you ever been in a predicament, clueless how to proceed, only to be saved by a person you never knew before? Has your life been changed significantly by a simple act of kindness from someone you did know, someone who, aware of your need, decided to step in and help. These are the kind of stories we are looking for, although two kinds of stories top our priority list:

• if you’ve been helped, guided or assisted by a teacher or a mentor in some significant way, if a person you knew through school or through some other connection stepped up and helped you achieve your potential or reach a specific dream, let us know.

• if you have reached sobriety with someone else’s help … a sponsor or a therapist or just a friend, if you’re life was brought back to order and normalcy after an addiction to either drugs or alcohol by some one other person who cared enough to get involved, let us know.

“Miracles of Kindness” is intended to be a collection of stories, told by people around the world, that chronicle acts of help, courage, influence and perseverance. They are, as well, “two-pagers”, tales that tell, in two pages or so of ebook space, an act of kindness that resulted in something positive happening, some small miracle, always from the viewpoint of the recipient of the act. These will be stories about how both friends & family and total strangers came to the aid of a person in need, when no other help was available. They will be stories that show how the human race reacts to tragedy, misfortune, even catastrophe. These will be stories about all of us at our finest hour.

Email back to the link below with your story. For help and inspiration, you can visit our Website,, and see sample of stories that are already part of the book. Write no more than three paragraphs. ∆ If we find that your story fits our vision of the book, we will email back and setup a more in-depth phone, Skype or email interview. If your story makes it into the book, you will be paid $150, not bad for three paragraphs and a little one-to-one time.

Sometimes it seems we are forever shackled by senseless violence and acts of hate and lunacy. Sometimes it seems the rush to embrace the future makes the achievement of real human contact impossible, when our connecting events are no more than an exchange of pictures and a quick text. No matter what the nature of the dark cloud in our lives, the urgency to remain strong, empathetic and willing to reach out and help has never been greater.

It’s time to inspire.

Ann & Mark Wright

∆ Remember that your story will be rewritten, for a consistency in storytelling, so please don’t waste a lot of time on style. Give us the facts and how it made you feel, perhaps with a beginning, middle and end. Historical context is appreciated as well.

Contact Link:

Talk tomorrow,


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