Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 27, 2014

VOTE NOW! SCBWI Crystal Kite Awards


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California, Hawaii

The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. by Greg Pincus

Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

Lara’s Gift by Annemarie O’Brien

The Kite That Bridged Two Nations by Alexis O’Neil, Illustrated by Terry Widener

West (Washington, Northern Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota)

A Moment Comes by Jennifer Bradbury

Bedtime In The Meadow by Stephanie Shaw

In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters

Once Upon A Memory by Nina Laden, Illustrated by Renata Liwska

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy by Martha Brockenbrough, Illustrated by Israel Sanchez

Southwest (Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Southern Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico)

All Through My Town by Jean Reidy

Backwards by Todd Mitchell

Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland

Tea REX by Molly Idle

Midwest (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio)

45 Pounds (More or Less) by Kelly Barson

Boom! Boom! Boom! by Jamie A. Swenson, Illustrated by David Walker

Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds, Illustrated by Dan Santat

Doggone Feet! Written and Illustrated by Leslie Helakoski

Penguin Cha-Cha Written and Illustrated by Kristi Valiant

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller

New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)

All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry

Call Me Amy by Marcia Strykowski

Dear Life, You Suck by Scott Blagden

Living With Jackie Chan by Jo Knowles

Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak, Illustrated by Wendy Grieb

The Story of Fish & Snail Written and Illustrated by Deborah Freedman

When Rivers Burned by Linda Brennan, Illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf

New York

Crankenstein! by Samantha Berger, Illustrated by Dan Santat

Forest Has a Song by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Frogged by Vivian Vande Velde

Texas, Oklahoma

Army Camels: Texas Ships of the Desert by Doris Fisher

Ball Written and Illustrated by Mary Sullivan

Happy Birthday, Bunny! by Liz Scanlon

Nugget & Fang Illustrated by Tammi Sauer

The Dark Between by Sonia Gensler

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp by Kathi Appelt

Atlantic (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland)

City Cat by Lauren Castillo

I Hate Picture Books! Written and Illustrated by Timothy Young

Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman, Illustratrated by Keith Campbell

Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff

The Monstore by Tara Lazar, Illustrated by James Burks

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Margaret Medina

Mid-South (Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana)

Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes

Ice Cream Soup by Ann Ingalls

Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

My Blue Is Happy by Jessica Young

Swing Low, Sweet Harriet by Rhonda Hicks Rucker

The 13th Sign by Kristin Tubb

Southeast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama)

Anubis Speaks! by Vicky Alvear Shecter

Olivia Twisted by Vivi Barnes

The Ballad of Jessie Pearl by Shannon Hitchcock

Wild Discoveries: Wacky New Animals by Heather Montgomery

UK, Ireland

Fractured by Teri Terry

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Shine by Candy Gourlay

Middle East, India, Asia

Bonkers! by Natasha Sharma

Jet Black and the Ninja Wind by Leza Lowitz

The Language Inside by Holly Thompson

The Seven-Legged Spider by Poh Peng Lee

Tibby the Tiger Bunny by Emily Lim, Illustrated by Jade Fang


Brothers at War by Don Cummer

Hoogie in the Middle by Stephanie McLellan, Illustrated by Dean Griffiths

How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler

I Dare You Not to Yawn by Helene Boudreau

Skink on the Brink by Lisa Dalrymple, Illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Stained by Cheryl Rainfield

Australia, New Zealand

Ali Berber and the Forty Grains of Salt by Sheryl Gwyther

Big Red Kangaroo by Claire Saxby

Granny Grommet and Me by Dianne Wolfer, Illustrated by Karen Blair

The Boy on the Page Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

The Wishbird Written and Illustrated by Gabrielle Wang

Welcome Home Written and Illustrated by Christina Booth

Zac and Mia by AJ Betts

Other International

Blossoms of Scarlet Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden

Chick-o-Saurus Rex by Lenore Appelhans, Illustrated by Daniel Jennewein

Dragon Fire by Dina von Lowenkraft

The Lost (And Found) Balloon Illustrated by Maria Bogade

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