Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 16, 2014

Digital Book World 2014 – Free Download – February

valentineMichelle Kogan-© 2014-Mermaid-and-Sturgeon

This mermaid is happy that someone gave her their heart for Valentine’s Day and the illustration was sent in by Michelle Kogan. Michelle is illustrator/painter/instructor and writer from the Chicago area. Here is her website: . Her cards are available in her Etsy shop –

inside-digital-book-world-2014-cover-231x300You can download the book for free for the next month or so; afterwards it will retail for $5.99. It’s 90+ pages of news, insights, charts, graphs, images and analysis from the DBW conference. If you were at Digital Book World, it’s a great way to remember your time there (or see if we included you in our many pages of photos). If you missed the conference, it gives you some idea of all the great information and insights you’ll get should you decide to attend next year.

Download Inside Digital Book World 2014: News & Highlights.

Here’s a great tidbit from the Download:

When it comes to digital reading, kids are way ahead of adults.

According to a new study from children’s entertainment research and consulting group PlayCollective and Digital Book World

67% of U.S. children aged two-to-thirteen are now reading ebooks. That’s up from 54%, the number recorded in a similar study from last year.

“In the last year, based on this research, the kids e-reading reached and passed a tipping point,” said Paul Levine, co-CEO of PlayCollective. “This is becoming a normal part of their lives and becoming habitual.”

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