Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 5, 2014

New Book Publisher – Looking for YA – New Adult – Plus


Calling all YA and New Adult authors. Hallowed Ink Press who opened their doors at the end of 2013 and is  now open to unagented submissions and looking for YA and New Adult manuscripts. Queries can be sent to:

I thought you would be interested in the interview I had with Amy Lignor, Editor-in-Chief at Hallowed Ink Press. Below are the questions I asked and the answers from Ame.

How did all of you come together to form the company? 

Emma Michaels and Tanya Contois were the first to start checking out the ins and outs of running a publishing company. Soon Amy Lignor and I were asked to be a part of the group as well since we each brought in a different expertise, although Emma will tell you it’s because she we’re all friendly people who play well together. Emma is our Graphic Designer & Director, Amy is our Editor-In-Chief, Tanya is our Submissions go to gal and then we have me, who deals with the Marketing. However, we all work together on a lot of different things and make an amazing team.

Where are you located?

We can be found online on our website at: or you can also find us on Facebook ( and twitter (@HallowedInkPres).

Tanya put a call out for YA submissions. Are there other manuscripts you are interested in reading right now?

Yes, we are not only taking on Young Adult but New Adult as well and their sub genres.

How long does it usually take for you to respond?

Anywhere from one day to a few weeks. The longer it takes the more likely it is we are passing it around to the different team members for opinions. We only accept manuscripts that have first gone through the submission process then been agreed on by all current team members

How many books do you think you will publish this year? 

We are hoping to publish a new novel every 2-3 months from June on but put quality above quantity. When it comes to choosing between having more releases more often or higher quality novels we will always chose the latter.

Will you be publishing hardcover, paperback and digital? 

Our plan is to start out publishing paperbacks and eBooks with plans to expand towards audio and ecards. At this time we have no plans for hardcovers but may look into them in the future.

Will the books be sold on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel? 

Yes, both! We want to catch both the Kindle and Nook lovers and still be able to provide those who love their print copies as well.

Do authors get an advance?

No advancement is offered to the authors, we offer a 50/50 percent pay based on sales.

Are you looking for illustrators? How do they get paid?

We ask that for graphic novels and children’s book authors and illustrators already be paired before submission.

When is your first book coming out? What is it? 

We will be releasing Contact by Laurisa White Reyes on June 23rd of this year! We are so excited for this release! Laurisa did a phenomenal job with this one!

Do you have any financial backers helping you make this endeavor successful?

Yes, we do. We are backed by Bokheim, Inc. which is an amazing opportunity and company to work with.  Be sure to check them out because they are just beyond epic.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Do you consider self-published books for re-publication?


  2. Yes we do, be sure to check out our submissions page


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