Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 30, 2014

Interview with Agent Loretta Carvette

This delightful illustration was sent in by Jennifer Thermes. She is a children’s book author and illustrator. Her recent books as illustrator include There Are No Moose on This Island, The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever, and Helen Keller’s Best Friend Belle. Jennifer has two books forthcoming in 2014, and more of her own ideas in the works! Please visit her on the web at .

loretta caravetteLoretta started out as an agent with Jodell Sadler. They formed the Sadler – Caravette Agency, but now Loretta is  opening her own agency and will start accepting submissions on Valentine’s Day February 14th. Do not send anything before then or it won’t be seen. Here is a little bit about Loretta and an interview I had with her.

About Loretta: Loretta earned her MFA in Children’s Writing from Hamline University. She has published several articles in children’s magazines. Her academic article, Portrait of the Reader as a Young Child, was  published in Children & Libraries: the Journal of the Association  for Library Services to Children. She was a television producer for twenty years, receiving an Emmy for “Ruth Page, Once Upon a Dancer,” Cine Award for an ABC AfterSchool drama “Love Hurts,” and a National Emmy nomination for the music show, “Rhythm and Jam.” Find Loretta on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Loretta is seeking: Loretta specializes in MG fiction and early readers, but is interested in all genres. She especially likes historical fiction and humor.

How to contact Loretta: “I only accept queries and submissions via email. Please be sure your subject line reads: QUERY – Name or Title – Genre. Your query may be copied and pasted to the body of your email and should include SCBWI affiliation, publishing credits, etc. if applicable. Tell me a little bit about yourself: your writing background and goals. Please send queries to: Please send one of your best manuscripts  and if you have other stories indicate that in the email. I will contact you to request additional material. For picture books, send a query and the full ms. For chapter books, young adult and middle grade, send a query and 10 pasted pages. For illustrations, send a query and 2-3 jpegs (or PDF). Please indicate whether this is a simultaneous submission. I do my best efforts to respond in 2-3 months.

Here are my questions and Loretta’s Answers:

How did you team up with Jodell Sadler to form Sadler-Caravette?

We were classmates and used to meet for coffee.  When Jodell decided she wanted to become an agent she asked me to join her.  We have very different working styles and it didn’t workout.  Once she decided to go on her own, I decided I wanted to continue to be an agent. I found I really enjoyed meeting and connecting with the publishers. I went to New York a number of times and am just starting to get a feel for the industry.  I love it.

Are you working on a website for your company?

Yes.  It will be and should be up in February. A website is important but getting the stories are the most important. I am already getting referrals.

How many clients do you represent?

I have two but there are three more that I am considering and am always looking for a writer that I can connect with. As well as illustrators.

What type of things do you plan to do to market your new agency with publishing industry professionals?

I am a strong believer of connecting face to face. I went to New York twice last year and I expect that I will be back to New York every year that I am an agent. I also keep connecting via email and phone calls.

Are you interested in representing author/illustrators? What about an illustrator who doesn’t write?

I would be happy to represent a/I they are a rare breed.  I would also be interested in just representing an illustrator.  However, it will take me some time to understand how illustrators are used and how to make connections.

How much of a submission do you read before saying, “No.”

Usually one complete piece.

Do you get back to everyone you reject to let them know?

I hope too.  I want to respond to everyone.  That doesn’t mean I will give everyone feedback.  I’ll do my best.

Are you willing to work with your clients to improve their manuscripts?

I want to work with someone who has really worked their book but now are open to adjustments and changes.  We are a team. The object is to get the best story out there.

When you take on a new client, do you only sign them for that one book or do you want to represent all their work?

I would represent all their books written for children.

What happens if your client writes a young adult book or a picture book? Would you be willing to represent that, too, even though your focus is middle grade and early readers?

I want to represent the writer not just a genre. I want to connect with the person. So, I would represent all the works that author would produce for the children’s market.

Do you feel you have enough industry contacts to get the editors to read what you send them?

I have met some wonderful people in the publishing industry. It is my job to get the right books into the hands of the right publishers.  I will tract them down. If I don’t know them now, I will soon.

What do you think your strengths are as an agent?  

Once I have a story I love, I will keep trying to find a home for that story. I also don’t plan on having so many clients that I can’t handle them all efficiently.  I will give my energy and time to the max and that probably means I will be limited to the number if clients.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I am a bit confused by this information – do authors contact Loretta at Sadler-Caravette, or are we to wait for some other contact address for a post 2/15 submission to her solo agency?


    • Janet,

      I’m sorry that the post was confusing. The post is about Loretta and her new agency, so wait until Valentine’s day to submit. I will go back and try to make it clearer. Thanks for letting me know.



    • Here’s my email….just in case.




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