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twigsalisonformentoAlison Ashley Formento’s first YA novel, TWIGS. Amazon has a 80% price drop deal on the ebook version for $1.99. Don’t know how long that will last.


Alison was known for her counting picture books published with Albert A. Whitman –

This Tree Counts!
This Tree, 1,2,3
These Bees Count!
These Seas Count!

And a new one in this series coming out in March titled, These Rocks Count! (These Things Count!)

Lauri Meyers got her first manuscript acceptance for a short story that started with a picture prompt illustration by Brian Bowes’ last January. In July she submitted that first page on Free Fall Friday for critique with Sean McCarthy. ( That critique provided the inspiration and direction she needed to finish the piece for the published short story titled, Copernica.  She submitted it Spaceports & Spidersilk and was published in  January’s issue.

Congratulations Lauri! This is a great story. Looks like you have started 2014 in the best way.

Susan Harris sent me an email with a similar experience. “This year, for the first time, I submitted a first page and it was critiqued by Zack Clark.  He had quite a few good ideas and I have made changes to my first page and first chapter. But the really big thank you is for posting a Highlights Magazine fiction contest (I believe that was way back in January), which I entered.  It was for a story for ages 6 through 8, 500 words or less.  Well, in June they posted the winners–I wasn’t one of them but the following week an editor e-mailed me to say she liked the story and would be interested in buying it if I was willing to revise.  Of course, I said yes and got cracking!  In September she e-mailed me again regarding the revision and her first sentence is one that any writer would love to read: It looks great.  She went on to say she’d share it with her fellow editors and let me know.  And finally, on December 17th, I received my contract via the e-mail.  Highlights magazine bought my first story (no publishing date but that’s okay.  They really did buy it!).  Sooooo…thank you.  All because you posted the contest on your blog.”

Another success story to start out the new year! Congratulations Susan!

fivelittleducklings350Author Carol Roth had another picture book hit the shelves on January 1st.  Great way to start out 2014.

Carol is the author of ten children’s books. Her books have won a Children’s Choice Book Award, a Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award, and a Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award for outstanding achievement in children’s books. A former kindergarten teacher, Carol enjoys writing and teaching English as a literacy volunteer.

You can see her other books on her website:

Illustrator Nancy Cote is under contract with Sky Pony Press for a picture book she wrote and will be illustrating called, WATCH THE COOKIE. Her agent Liza Flessig from the Liza Royce Agency in NYC placed it with them in the fall and the rest is history.  She’s so excited about it, and says, “I am so grateful to be starting off the new year under contract.”

Nancy was featured on Illustrator Saturday – June 2, 2012,

Congratulations, Nancy! and Congratulations to Liza for knowing a good thing when she sees it and snatching it up!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I spent over an hour yesterday reading the links on these talented authors. Congrats to you all, ladies. 🙂


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