Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 7, 2014

New Opportunity for Illusrators at Catugeau

AGENT CHRISTY with BillieI think most of you know Christina Tugeau and her agency which she found 20 years ago to represent talented illustrators. Chris found her calling when she went to work for another agent  four years prior to her starting her agency in 1994.

After a BA with a Fine Art Major and Lit Minor from DePauw University (IN), she worked in NYC for Family Circle Magazine’s Art Dept. while doing freelance assignments. Later, as she brought up three creative children with her husband in CT, she helped organize and manage a local Fine Art Guild, a town school-wide performing arts educational organization, two local chapters of a national mother-daughter philanthropic group while always involved in various other art projects for the town and school system. During those years she also did graduate work in Art Therapy and worked in Interior Design.

Art, artists and kids books have always been part of Christina’s life and loves, so of course that love would rub off on her children who are grown now and following in her footsteps. Her son Jeremy and her daughter-in-law Nicole were the first to jump on the Cat group bandwagon when they opened their own company doors to illustrators with T2 children’s Illustrators. Jeremy is a long-time children’s illustrator, and he continues to work as an artist in this field while maintaining some involvement with T2 Illustrators as a creative resource and promotional guru.

Jeremy and nicole T2

As of Jan 1, Christina’s daughter Christy (Christina Tugeau Ewers) is now part of her agency. That’s Christy and her 14 month old daughter, Billie in the picture at the top of post. Christy is starting Billie off right by reading her Patrice Burton’s award winning illustrated picture book  I LOVE OLD CLOTHES written by Mary Ann Hoberman and published by Knopf BFYR. I haven’t ever met Christy, but a picture says and thousand words and I find myself already wanting to get to know her. Christy recently moved to Fairfield CT from Brooklyn she is excited to have this contact with the “real world’ and she is only a hop, skip, and a jump from all the editors and art directors in NYC.

Just in case you are wondering how Christy came up with the name Billie for her little baby; she is  named after her grandfather (Christina’s husband and Christy’s Dad). That tells you a lot, too.

This is very exciting. Now artists have another chance to win representation at CaTugeau. Christina has someone she can trust and mentor to help her with the business and provide extra time for the agency to get in front of the mover and shakers in the world hub (NYC) of children’s publishing, and Christy has the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the industry from a master representative.

Here is a little bit more about Christy: She has 10 years of public relations, and office coordinator/manager of operations experience and recently worked with an app publisher in NY, so she knows the lingo and all a ton about social media.  She is a fast learner and English major, which add so much to the picture.  And Last, but not least: She is looking for her ‘own’ artists to add illustrators to the agency.

Christy’s email is  North American artists should submit as guideline to both Christina and Christy for now. They are looking for trade picture book styles and middle grade reader styles.  Send 4+ images attached for quick view and a link to website.  They’re fast at getting back to each and every one who submits to them.

ChristinaTugeaufileChristina has a reputation of working hard for ethical fairness in our wonderful industry, and enjoys writing for and presenting to artists at various national and regional conferences for SCBWI and other organizations and newsletters. I am sure you will find the same enthusiasm with Christy. Just remember the old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” And this cliché is really something you want.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. You have great information, Kathy. And I say this not even being an illustrator. 🙂


    • Wendy,

      Thanks. I love when I find a new opportunity for people.


  2. wow…thanks for the blog Kathy!! Christy joining us IS most exciting and wonderful opportunity…. Christy has already gotten submissions! Did want to mention that Tugeau2 is a separate agency, but yes family grown, and it’s Patrice BARTON’s book that Billie is ‘reading.’ I LOVE OLD CLOTHES – fabulous award winning book! again, thanks for the plug! hugs…..


    • I tweaked the sentence about T2, so I think I made it clearer that Nicole and Jeremy have their own company. How long have they been in business? I know it has been a while, but they don’t have that on their website. And I tweak the sentence about Patrice’s book to make it clearer that I was talking about the book in the picture. That is a great picture!


      • thanks K…think T2 has been over 10 years now! time….


    • Chris,

      I forgot to ask: Did I get the boys name right. Is George the one in front next to Ruby? It wasn’t clear on their website, so I put George first, since they list his name before Harrison’s.


      • yup you did…I’ve never seen this image before…so cute!


  3. I’m so excited for Christy on board! Can’t wait for an exciting new year!


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