Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 6, 2014

2013 Best of Writing and Illustrating


This illustration was done by Nancy Cote who was featured on Illustrator Saturday – June 2, 2012,

I’m a few days late with my usual end-of-the-year post, so here is Best of 2013, a few days late. Besides the “How to” articles, every Saturday you found Illustrator Saturday with talented illustrators discussing their work and their process. Free Fall Friday brought you an editor or agent and the opportunity to send in a first page for critique from the guest editor or agent. I reported on new publishers, imprints, agents, contests, and career opportunities. There were posts to inform you on what agents were building their client lists and what editors wanted to see in the manuscripts submitted. I reported on things I thought were interesting in the publishing industry and touted the successes of children’s authors and illustrators, especially people who follow my blog.

Here are some of the articles from 2013:

Successful Query Letters and Winning Examples

Beginning with Beginnings

When a… 1,2,3… Hollywood… Save the Cat… Pitches for Your Book

Why & How to Avoid a Passive Voice

The Picture Book and the Sonnet

e-Book Formatting – Converting Options

First Draft Writing Tips

Building Chapter Tips

Curriculum Guide for Books

Four More Things Published Authors Know That You Should Too

Getting Ready to Self-Publish?

Formatting Your Manuscript For E-Book Conversion Tips

6 Mistakes Authors Make in Assemblies


Excellent Resource – The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet

22 Rules of Storytelling

What is New Adult?

Nine Essential Questions to Guide Your Writing

What Makes a Manuscript Stand Out?

Three Pillars of Fiction

Editor Shelley Tanka Editing Process

Homework List When Researching an Agent

Humor: One Word Can Make a Difference

Ten Questions to Ask an Agent

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing for Children

4 ways to Keep Your Story Interesting

10 Comedy Concepts Exercises

Hero vs. Anti Hero

Make Your Characters Drive Your Story

The Pitch

Writing and Inside-Out Novel

Does Your Story Have the Right Stuff

Five Tips to Help You Get Your Email Read

Quoting a Poem or Song Lyric

9 Step Plot and Structure Exercise

Laurie Halse Andersen on Revision

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, there is no question that your blog is one of the most outstanding when it comes to “All Things Kid-Lit.” I have so many reasons to be grateful for this blog—and you 😀


  2. Kathy…what’s you email….want to private write you? cat


  3. Thanks for the great year Kathy and informing us of so many opportunities and providing craft development.


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