Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 4, 2013

Agent Looking for Clients

clelia-bio-pic5Clelia Gore is an agent at Martin Literary Management who is looking to build her client list. It was when Clelia first read Charlotte’s Web in the first grade that she got hooked by the magic of books. Her love of children’s books carried through adulthood and she is delighted to dicate her life to bringing quality books and stories to young (and whimsical adult!) readers.

Clelia is originally from New Jersey and lived in New York City for several years prior to moving to Seattle. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College. She received her J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law and practiced law as a corporate litigator in New York City.

In 2011, she decided to dedicate her career to books and reentered graduate school at Emerson College. In 2013, she received her master’s degree in Publishing and Writing. While she was studying publishing and taking creative writing courses at Emerson, Clelia worked as a managing editorial intern in the children’s book division at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Clelia also honed her editorial skills as an editorial intern at Oxford University Press. She also taught academic writing and research courses to freshman students at Emerson College.

In addition to reading YA and children’s books, Clelia also likes to blog about them! You can read her musings and ruminations on rereading the books of her 90’s youth at:

Clelia acquires picture, middle grade, and young adult books. 

She is seeking to represent writers whose protagonists have strong voices and whose plots are original. Clelia never wants to let go of her favorite characters, so she particularly loves trilogies and series that can be adapted to the screen.

In young adult, she is currently seeking strong voice-driven novels. She enjoys contemporary, realistic novels, as well as books with fantastical elements (“light” fantasies). She is also interested in young adult memoirs featuring unique stories about extraordinary youths. 

In middle grade, Clelia’s interests run very wide, but a strong, unique and contemporary voice is always important. Humorous middle grade is her favorite. She is currently on the hunt for middle grade books that have interplay between the illustrations and text.

Clelia has a special spot in her heart for picture books. She especially loves ones that are funny or quirky, ones that feature minority and multi-cultural characters, and ones parents won’t mind reading over and over again to their children. She is really looking for modern, contemporary picture books.

How to submit: “Please send your queries to Clelia [at] In the subject line of your email, write ‘QUERY‘ followed by the title of your work. In your email, provide the text of your query letter, followed by a short sample of your writing pasted into the text of the email (only illustration attachments will be opened). Kindly indicate if this is a multiple submission. Your query letter should include publisher submission history and previous publishing credits, if applicable. If you receive an offer of representation from another agent, please let us know immediately.”

  • PICTURE BOOKS: Query letter + full manuscript text pasted in email.
  • ILLUSTRATORS: Query letter + 2 to 3 illustration samples (attached in jpeg or pdf format), link to online portfolio, and text of picture book pasted in email, if applicable.
  • FICTION: Query letter + text of first ten pages pasted in email.
  • NONFICTION: Query letter + proposal + sample chapter text pasted in email.
  • GRAPHIC NOVELS: Query letter + summary + 2 to 3 sample page spreads (attached in jpeg or pdf format). (See a list of graphic novel agents here.)

“If I am interested in reading more of your work, I will contact you and give you specific instructions about how to send the rest of your material.”

Talk tomorrow,



  1. So happy to hear about a new agent looking for picture books!


    • Juliana,

      Me, too. They were rare for a long time.



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