Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 4, 2013

Have You Visited the New SCBWI Website – Seen My Interview?



If you are a member of the SCBWI and have read your email, you already know about the new and improved website available for your use.

Don’t miss checking out everything it has to offer. You can post your books for sale and have them link directly to Indie Bound bookstores, your website, and Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can put up book trailers, get your name listed on the Speaker’s Bureau, and help drive traffic to your blog. Plus a lot of other opportunities to learn and interact with other members.

You used to have to search the different regions separately, but now you can get to all the states from the main site to see what local opportunities are provided in your region. Any member can attend and participate in any SCBWI event conducted around the world.

kathytemean_headshot1The New Jersey Chapter will spotlight a author and illustrator every month. They decided to kick off the new site by featuring me for November. If you would like to read more about me you can use this link:

Plus, they teamed up with the awesome folks over at Nerdy Chicks Rule, where you can read oodles more about me. Go  check it out!

Below are the exceptional new things provided for you at the new SCBWI website.  If you are not a member, you might decide you should join after reading everything that is offered to help you with your writing, and/or illustrating for children’s career.

The Online Bookstore

Both PAL and Full (i.e., independently-published) members can post their books for sale, including synopses, book trailers and reviews. The store is linked directly to Indie Bound, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or to your own website.  Anyone shopping in the bookstore can easily buy your book. Your own bookstore listings are provided free with your membership. How cool is that?

The Speakers Bureau

Our new and improved Speakers Bureau is now open to all members (both PAL members and Full members) who have published a book for children. Post information about your speaking, along with a sample video if you desire, for teachers, librarians and organizations to discover. They can now find you by your book title or zip code or many other searchable features.

Blog Listings

All members, whether published or pre-published, are eligible to list their blog in our blog roll. Each month we will select from this listing ten blogs to feature on our homepage. Both are huge opportunities to drive traffic to your blog.

New and Improved Illustrator Gallery

Our Illustrator Gallery is now entirely searchable and user friendly. Potential employers can find you based on your genre, style, keyword, name, or region.   Many illustrators have found have found work through our Illustrator Gallery—and now the opportunities are even greater.

SCBWI Blueboards

Those of you who use our Discussion Boards are probably already aware that we have merged with Verla Kay’s Blueboards and brought aboard her team of knowledgeable moderators and the large community that is part of the Blueboards. If you have not visited the Boards in a while, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with the active, vocal, helpful community that exists there.

The Bulletin Archive

Two hundred and fifty issues of SCBWI’s bi-monthly Bulletin, representing forty-two years of articles and advice, are now easily searchable by keyword. We doubt there is any other resource currently on the web that contains this much information on the field of children’s books.

Global Event Calendar

All SCBWI events will now appear on a central searchable calendar, providing you with access to information about SCBWI events all over the globe. Connecting with any SCBWI activity is now just a click away.


SCBWI is releasing a podcast each month–thirty to forty-five minute interviews with leaders in our field-from editors and art directors to authors and illustrators.  These are available free to you as an SCBWI member.  The first podcast, an interview with editor Melissa Manlove of Chronicle Books, is up on the site now.  Listen and enjoy.

Book Launches 

Four times a year, beginning in March 2014, members with books (both those published traditionally and independently) debuting during the calendar year will be able to host a virtual Launch Party. Sample templates are on the site for you to check out—showing you the possibilities for making your page as creative and interactive and beautiful as you’d like. In these times when drawing attention to your work is so challenging, the SCBWI Book Launch Party will become a quarterly special event.

Video Intensives

Beginning in March, the website will be hosting regular Video Intensives on specific areas of craft and marketing, taught by leading faculty.  The sessions will parallel the amazing intensives offered at our conferences, and will be a cost effective way to have that experience if you can’t be there in person.

We urge you to logon to and look around the new site.  Be sure to update your profile, enter your books in the bookstore, and update your Speakers Bureau and Illustrator Gallery entries.  Pop onto the discussion boards, start visualizing your launch party, check out SCBWI events near and far.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congratulations, Kathy! Really enjoyed reading your interview at Nerdy Chicks Rule.


  2. The new site looks really amazing. I hope to make good use of it, too 🙂

    And your interviews were terrific! I definitely think you, of all people, SHOULD be showcased on the SCBWI site, seeing as you’ve been an incomparable, positive force in the organization for so many years. As you’ve known for a long time, I’ve been saying for years that you should be interviewed, and actually mentioned here a few weeks back that I intended to do it on my blog once it’s up. That won’t be for a little while yet, so meanwhile the “Kathy interview” ball is now rolling 🙂 Good for you!


  3. Congrats.! As always, Great Info.!


  4. Congrats on being spotlighted by the NJ Chapter! Looks like I need to pay more attention to the SCBWI website. 🙂


  5. Kathy, congratulations on your interview. Your artwork pops on the page. And I’ll be joining SCBWI. Thanks. 🙂


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