Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 30, 2013

Example of Great YA Discussion Guide & Promo Piece

I am posting this because I think all of us should be thinking pass having a website, blog, and a facebook page and start thinking about selling our books. This is an excellent discussion guide for Lauren Oliver’s fabulous book, PANDEMONIUM. With this one piece she is showing that she is a true professional, generating interest in reading her book, and providing content for teachers to encourage them to invite her in to their school. Are you putting out something this high end? Tomorrow, I will share an excellent middle grade discussion guide. Later I will post a great picture book discussion guide. I hope these will get you thinking about doing more than just putting up a website and hoping someone calls.laurenoliverflyer

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Excellent post, Kathy! Lauren keeps showing, over and over again and in many ways, that she really knows what she’s doing!

    REALLY looking forward to the ones for MG and PB 🙂


  2. Kathy, Thanks for posting this. I was wondering, do you also have info on promo for the younger market, picture books/early chapter books? Thanks.


    • Robin,

      Yes, I plan to post a middle grade and picture book example. I think it is important to start thinking along these lines.



      • Thanks Kathy! Really, really appreciate this.


  3. I love, love, love Lauren Oliver. She is so smart. I remember being blow away by her YA. She definitely stands out from the crowd from a craft perspective.


    • Erin,

      I’m with you – I love, love, love Lauren Oliver, too. So glad I found her books.



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