Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 23, 2013

Free Fall Friday – 4 Publishing Tips

Lisa Sharkey HarperCollinsMYFOXNY.COM – Channel 5 NYC had Lisa Sharkey, the head of creative development at HarperCollins was on a Fox morning show today and shared tips on getting published.

“It’s very hard to get a book published and everyone thinks they’re an author. The truth of the matter is 99 of the 100 books we get into the office will not be published unfortunately,” said Sharkey.

Tips from Sharkey:

Do your homework – know the market; what type of books are being published and selling.

Use social media – need to grow your fan base

Take a writing course – All fiction is evaluated on the writing. With Non-fiction it is all about what you bring to the table – they can hire a writer to work with you.

Pay attention to technology – She mentioned HarperCollins Impulse, which works with budding writers, giving them a lower advance and putting out the book as an e-book to see how it sells.

Watch video:

Check back next Friday for August First Page results.

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  1. OK, watched that video. The title of the piece is “How to Get Your Book Published.” I think they left out two important words: “Try to” 🙂 This was very interesting, and it’s always nice to hear info from the horse’s mouth! Thanks, Kathy!


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