Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 13, 2013

Don’t Miss This Opportunity – NOW!

writeonconDon’t waste any time. Go over to WriteOnCon and register. You are definitely going to want to register and start participating in their forums. August 13th and 14th is one of their big events for learning new skills and sending in your writing for agents to see. I never say drop everything and do something, but you don’t want to miss this, because:

Attendees don’t need to take time off work, travel, or spend a truckload of money. They can enjoy the conference from the convenience of their own homes, for free—and the schedule is designed around working hours. (Transcripts are also available of the entire conference, should anyone have to miss part of it.) And everything for the conference takes place within this website, which means everyone with basic Internet access will be able to participate in all aspects of the conference—no additional software or technology required.

During the conference, keynote addresses, agent panels, and lectures are presented as blogs, vlogs, moderated chats, webinars, podcasts, and livestreaming. There is also a critique forum, where participants can post query letters and writing samples to receive helpful feedback and comments from their peers and industry professionals. And, as if that weren’t exciting enough, there are also daily contests, giving random winners everything from books to personalized critiques from agents.

You do need to register. Click here, and sign up.

Everything You Need To Know About The Critique Forums & Ninja Agents

Here is a little more info about our critique forums and the ninja agent program, so you are prepared for the conference next week. For a more indepth info on what ninja agents do and who will be ninja-ing for us this year, check out our previous post.

1. The ninjas will roam the critique forums you can currently see. We will not rebuild or delete the entire critique forums before the conference starts. If you made alterations to your work, simply edit the first post with your NEWEST and most polished work. If for whatever reason you want a completely clean slate you can delete your thread (in the thread see the top bar: Administrative >> Delete Thread) and start a new one.

2. Please don’t bump threads unnecessarily to get the ninjas’ attention. We can assure you that the ninjas know there are more pages and they will hang out everywhere – depending on the genres and age groups they’re looking for – and not just on the first page.

3. Remember, putting your work up does not mean you are guaranteed a request or feedback from our ninjas. They are very generous with their free time and will be doing the best they can in working through the onslaught of pages and queries.

4. The ninjas will largely critique and request during the two conference days, however it may be that some are already roaming the forums before or will check in afterwards. Yes, they are unpredictable. That’s why they’re ninjas!

5. One little reminder regarding the etiquette. It’s GREAT to spread the word on social media and to ask people to check out your stuff or link to the work of other attendees you thought was awesome, but please don’t poke individuals incessantly for a critique of your work. Spend some time on the forums, pay it forward to others and chances are they will check out your stuff and return the favor!

6. Have fun! ;)  We hope you take a lot away from the critiques of fellow attendees and can’t wait to celebrate your requests on Twitter with you!

Do you have more questions? Either ask below, start a tech support thread in the forum or email us!

How the Google Hangouts Will Work

Okay, so you may have seen us practicing with Google Hangouts yesterday. We’re getting all our editors and agents up to speed on Google Hangouts, because we’re using them this year for LIVE PITCHING. (Google Hangouts are live video chats. Basically you’ll get to SEE and HEAR our professionals as they read and react to your pitch. It’s like pitching live, literally.)

You read that right! During the course of the two-day conference, we’ve got FIVE LIVE PITCHING EVENTS planned. They are:

Tuesday, August 13:

–Can You Handle the Truth? by literary agents Suzie Townsend and Kathleen Ortiz – 4-5 PM EST

  • Suzie and Kathleen are open to:– Anything from Middle Grade to New Adult! – Completed, revised MSs ONLY. – Pitch must include genre (at least a letter — C: contemporary; F: fantasy: PS: paranormal/Supernatural; SF: Science Fiction; MR: Magical Realism; FTR: Fairy Tale Retellings, etc)

–Twitter Pitches with Spencer Hill Editors Danielle Ellison and Patricia Riley – 8-9 PM EST

  • Danielle and Patricia are looking for specific manuscripts. PLEASE DO NOT PITCH DURING THIS EVENT IF YOUR NOVEL DOES NOT MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA:

-Only YA. -Realistic (Contempoary) and/or speculative fiction. -Completed, revised MSs ONLY. -Pitch must include genre (at least a letter — C: contemporary; F: fantasy: PS: paranormal/Supernatural; SF: Science Fiction; MR: Magical Realism; FTR: Fairy Tale Retellings, etc)

For ALL EVENTS, we will be TAKING YOUR PITCHES FROM TWITTER using the hashtag #WriteOnCon. All events are TWITTER PITCHES, meaning they must be 140 characters or less.

One of the cool things about the Google Hangout is that we can stream parameters into our feeds and thus, display them for our pros. So if you don’t have a twitter account, sign up now! You’ll be ON TWITTER to pitch, once again using the hashtag #WriteOnCon. We have it set so that all tweets with that hashtag come into our Hangout, where one of us will put the pitch on the screen for the pros to read.

You’ll then get to see their honest reactions. So be prepared! You’ll get to see their faces as they read, hear their voices as they react. The Google Hangout is going to rock!

The Hangout can be viewed right here on, our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, or on our Google+ page. It’ll be recorded so if you can’t make the event, you can watch the reactions to pitches later (on WOC, YouTube, FB, or Google+). You can use your phone/tablet/whatever to tweet. As long as you use the hashtag, it comes into our stream. So you don’t even have to be home to pitch!

We’re going to try to feed as many pitches as we can. Don’t despair if you don’t get in to one chat. Hopefully we’ll get to everyone over the course of the conference.

Okay, deep breath. Want to know when Wednesday’s chats are? Of course you do!

Wednesday, August 14

–Twitter Pitches with Foreword literary agent, Danielle Smith – 11 AM – Noon EST


  • Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Middle Grade, any genre.
  • Especially loves magic realism in the above age categories

–Twitter Pitches with Laura Dali literary agent Tamar Rydzinski – Noon – 1 PM EST

Tamar’s parameters:

  • Open to almost anything. No paranormal. No Holocaust. That’s it! So come ready with “almost anything”!

–Twitter Pitches with literary agents Mackenzie Brady (Charlotte Sheedy Agency) and Duvall Osteen (Aragi Inc.) – 5 – 6 PM EST

Mackenzie and Duvall are looking for:

  • -Only YA.
  • -Realistic (Contemporary), Mystery/Thriller, Issue-driven and Non-fiction .
  • -Completed, revised MSs ONLY.
  • -Pitch must include genre (at least a letter — C: contemporary; M: mystery; T: Thriller; ID: Issue Driven; and NF: non-fiction)

Okay, is that as clear as mud? Here’s a recap:

1. We’re using Google Hangouts for live pitching.

2. There are five events, at the times listed in blue.

3. Each event has it’s own agents/editors, and their wishlist. ALL criteria are posted above.

4. You must have a twitter account to pitch.

5. You will pitch from twitter, using the hashtag #WriteOnCon

6. We will feed pitches as fast as we can, right from the twitter stream.

7. You can watch the Hangout live, or later, on, our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, or on our Google+ page.

August 13th Midnight:

Ninja Agents open in the forum!

Critique boards are already open, and new boards will NOT be built for the conference. In order to make sure the Ninjas see your best work, you have two options:

1. Update your thread in the first post with your most recent, polished, workshopped query.

2. Delete your own thread and start a new one with your most recent, polished, workshopped query.

Picture Book Critique Forum

Middle Grade Critique Forum

Young Adult Critique Forum

New Adult Critique Forum

6:00 AM

Does Your Picture Book Premise Have Power?  By author Jean Reidy.

Find the schedule now HERE.

The FORUMS ARE NOW OPEN. Write on con has organized them so you can post your query letters, first 250 words, and/or the first five pages of your novel.

Maybe I will see you over there.

Talk tomorrow,


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