Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 5, 2013

Free Fall Friday

CALL FOR ILLUSTRATIONS: Please remember to send in your illustrations for July. It is a great way to get seen and keep your name out there to get noticed. Send them to Kathy(dot)temean(at) Please submit .jpgs at least 500 pixels wide.


For those writers who enjoy doing the picture prompt for their first page, above is July’s Picture Prompt illustration which was created by John Manders. He was featured on May 25th. Here is the link:

WRITERS Sending in a First Page: Please attach your double spaced, 12 point font, 23 line first page to an e-mail and send it to kathy(dot)temean(at)gmail(dot)com. Also cut and paste it into the body of the e-mail. Put “June First Page Critique” or “June First Page Picture Prompt Critique” in the subject line. Make sure you have your name on the submission, a title, and indicate the genre. 


The four chosen and their critiques will be posted on July 26th. I will announce who our Guest Critiquer is next Friday.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I’m intrigued by this post, but I’m a little bit confused. Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me, to clarify? Is this a contest for writers and for illustrators? Or is the call for illustrations something different from the contest for writers? Are the “first pages” supposed to be from a completed, polished manuscript, or are works in progress okay too? And is this something you do regularly, or is it a one-time contest?

    Thanks so much!


    • Veronica,

      The call for Illustrators is different than the first page critique. Illustrators send me a piece of their art and I post it during the month.

      The first page critique can be a first page written using the picture prompt or it can be a first page of something you are working on. Four are chosen from what is sent in and the Guest Critiquer for that month reads and gives their thoughts on the page. If your first page doesn’t make it one month, you can resend it in again for the next.

      Hope this helps.



      • Thank you so much for your super-fast response!

        So the call for illustrations is an opportunity for illustrators to have their work seen by a wider audience, and the first page critique is to help writers hone their craft, correct?

        Sounds great! I’ll be spreading the word for this opportunity! 🙂


  2. Veronica,

    That is correct. I am trying to give opportunities to both writers and illustrators.



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