Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 27, 2013

Writer and Illustrator Opportunities

junecalendar summerThis fun June illustration was sent in by Dow Phumiruk is a pediatrician who has found her passion in children’s book illustration.  Most of her work is digital, and she enjoys using a bright, colorful palette.  She joined SCBWI in 2011 and is looking forward to her first national conference in LA this summer.  Here is a link to see more of her art:

Looking for an agent critique? You might be interested in this critique auction:

Literary agent Anna Olswanger has donated a critique for an online auction by The Born Free Foundation (an international wildlife charity that works throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering).

You can submit up to 10 pages of a manuscript for a 10-minute phone consultation. It’s a great chance to get feedback from a professional.

For those of you who don’t know Anna, she has been an agent with Liza Dawson Associates in New York for eight years and has sold to Bloomsbury, Chronicle, HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin, Penguin, Random House, and Simon & Schuster, among other publishers. She is also this month’s Guest Critiquer for Free Fall Friday. Stop back tomorrow and see what Anna has to say about the first pages that were chosen this month.

Please visit and consider making a bid before the auction closes this Saturday, June 29th.

Do you have a book coming out and would like to have it reviewed. Here is an opportunity for you:

In the July issue of Parenting: School Years, Christine Brower Cohen reviewed nine children’s books for summer 2013.  She says, “The experience was both exhausting and exhilarating. Although exhausting, it is something I’d like to do again, so if any NJSCBWI writers have a book coming out that they would like it reviewed, they can contact me at my new blog,

Even if I am not working on a freelance review for a print magazine at the time an author contacts me, I can review it on my blog.  A link to my blog was placed in my author bio that ran with the review, so my blog is getting more exposure.” You can read about it here.

Would you like to win an new book to read? I have won a few books by entering similar contests.

FakingNormalCover_zps84cd3151Chance to win FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens! Published by Harper Teen.

Chance to win A ROYAL PAIN by Megan Mulry  Winner picked on July 1st. Another give-a-way Coming July 2nd – If the Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry.

YA and Kids Books Giveaways – Here are ten books YABC is giving away this month, June 2013.

Do any of the following to enter. Do more and increase your chances of winning a basket of Jen Bryant’s autographed books and more:

• Like  her Facebook  page (if you haven’t already done so).
• Leave a comment on any of my Facebook posts, through Aug 31.
• Leave a comment on  her blog.
• Get a friend to sign up for my Flying Tidings Newsletter.
• [for educators &  librarians]  Send me a photo of you and your class or reading/book group with any of my books and a description of how you used it with them.

Are you an illustrator and use Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet? If so, You might be interested in this:

incrediblemakeovercontest_hdlineAbout the Contest

It’s quite a challenge bringing your creativity to reality. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially when using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet to expand the creative possibilities of your work.

Here’s your chance to share one of your incredible makeovers for an opportunity to win some cool prizes, as well as see your work featured in an upcoming issue of Photoshop User magazine.

Simply submit a before and after image of your greatest hit and tell us how Photoshop and a Wacom tablet helped you transform your creative vision into a real-life masterpiece.

Contest Timeline

Contest Open: June 15, 2012

Contest Deadline: July 31, 2012 Public Voting:

June 15 – August 3, 2012 Winners Revealed: August 10, 2012

Click here to see all of our Incredible Makeover Contest winners.

People’s Choice Award

While a panel of NAPP and Wacom officials will decide the grand prize winner, the contest will include the bestowing of a special People’s Choice Award. The general public will have a chance to view and rate all entries. Once all votes are calculated, the image with the most votes and highest rating will be crowned the People’s Choice Award winner.


Contest Prizes

$5,000 Grand Prize Award!

People’s Choice Award

Honorable Mention Award

Tips For Getting Votes

It’s easy to spread the word and get votes. Simply share your art with others and collect as many votes as you can.

Email it. Your email address book should be the first place you go to find your closest friends and family. Shoot them an email with a link to the voting page and ask them to rate your artwork and help spread the word.

Facebook it. Create an event on Facebook about your contest entry and invite all your friends. Keep the event open for anyone to attend so your friends can invite more friends to vote. And don’t forget to click the Facebook icon within the Share tab so you can remind your friends to vote from your Live News Feed.

Tweet it. Tweet a link to your entry in our contest every single day. It will remind those who are following you on Twitter to vote for your entry. You can add a link to your entry by clicking on the Twitter icon within the Share tab.

Blog it. Do you have your own blog? If so, be sure to post about your entry to let others know what it’s all about and what your motivations are. Share the link to make sure all your readers help you rack up the votes.

Good luck!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Thank you, Kathy for posting this!
    -Christine Brower-Cohen
    Parenting Magazine Contributor


    • Christine, I just checked out your blog and came across one of the best, most moving speeches I’ve ever heard, given by David McCullough Jr. This man so eloquently expressed something I (and I’m sure, others) have felt and believed most of my life. How wonderful! Thank you for posting it on your blog 🙂


  2. Great post! Lots of good info here! Thanks a bunch Kathy!


  3. Wow, Kathy! This is quite the “Melting Pot” of blog posts! A beautiful illustration by Dow, a great opportunity for an agent critique, giveaways and a contest! You are one busy woman! 😀 Thanks!


    • Thank you for enjoying my summer illustration, Donna Marie! 🙂


      • Dow, I LOVE the ladybugs and your use of color 😀


  4. Dow’s art is delightful.
    Kathy, thank you for all this great info. 🙂


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