Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Wishes & Publishing Industry Changes

Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed to protect this country.
Happy Memorial Day!

In case you never thought about doing this, you should get out your Children’s Writing and Illustrating Market guide and note the changes that you find here and other places in correct spots in the book. That way you will always have the most up-to-date info at your finger tips.

At Inkwell Management, Charlie Olsen has been promoted to agent. He joined Inkwell in 2007 and is interested in commercial fiction; young adult and middle-grade fiction and non-fiction; graphic novels and illustrated works for children and adults; pop culture, and compelling nonfiction.

Margaret Bail has joined Inklings Literary Agency, where she will continue to represent romance, thrillers, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, westerns, and historical fiction. Previously she was at the Andrea Hurst Agency.

At the Random House Publishing Group, Andy Ward has been promoted to vp, editorial director, nonfiction, while David Ebershoff moves up to vp, executive editor.

At Crown Archetype, Suzanne O’Neill has been promoted to executive editor, while Talia Krohn moves up to senior editor and Stephanie Knapp has been promoted to associate editor.

Ryan Doherty has been promoted to senior editor and is moving from Random House Trade Paperbacks to Ballantine Bantam Dell. He will continue to oversee movie tie-in projects for RH publishing group as well.

At Simon Pulse, Michael Strother has been promoted to assistant editor.

Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day! Sorry, I messed up not getting it to post on the right date.

Talk tomorrow,


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