Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 20, 2013

Editing Without an Editor Workshop

Do you have a manuscript—picture book, novel, or nonfiction—that needs work? Do you wish you could learn techniques that would help you revise not only this manuscript, but future ones?

Then come to the KBR “Editing without an Editor” workshop in Westport, CT. Learn how to revise like an editor by working with two experienced editors, who have distilled the methods they’ve used in editing manuscripts with individual clients and in the online Kid’s Book Revisions class. To create a framework, they’ll compare “reader response” theory and the lit. crit. approach, and explore ways to gain objectivity and to focus on different aspects of manuscripts. You will pick up and try out methods for making critique groups work better. After lunch, you will learn and try out a variety of techniques for self-editing, from big picture revision down to copy-editing, working on your own or with a partner.

Critiques are available for those that want them, but are not included in the standard package, to keep the price as low as possible. The workshop fee is $175 through May 21st, and $225 after that. A critique of up to 15 pages is $40; longer manuscripts can be critiqued by arrangement.

The workshop will run from 9 AM to 5 PM on  Sunday, June 30, at the workshop space, Write Yourself Free/The Editing Company, 252 Post Road East, Westport, Connecticut, (the little red schoolhouse).


In advance: Student preparation: You will need to bring copies of up to 5 pages of your manuscript for use in model critique groups and hands-on work. We will tell you how many copies are needed ahead of time.          If you want a critique, submit manuscript when you register but no later than two weeks before the workshop, to allow ER or HU time to review and comment. See details following the schedule.

  • Class “textbook”: Writing It Right!, Sandy Asher. We will give copies of this to all students.
  • Also useful: A Family of Readers, ed. by Roger Sutton and Martha Parravano. Find it at your local library.

9:00   Welcome, introductions, and review of schedule.

9:15   Introduction: Reader Response vs. Lit. Crit–different ways to respond to a manuscript and what you get from them.

10:00   How Critique Groups Work and Don’t Work–introduction and discussion.

10:30   Critique Group Practice and Feedback. Break into critique groups to dive into “what lies underneath.” Focus on trying out a specific technique and getting peer critiques and editor feedback. (Eileen and Harold will lead and take part in a group.)

12:00   Lunch: Sign-up sheet available at lunchtime for impromptu critique groups or work with partners, etc., during 3:30 to 4:30 individual meeting time.

1:30   Big Picture Revising – Some techniques and what they do for you. Hands-on practice with your manuscript.

2:45   Sweating the Small Stuff – Yes, the details matter!  Again, techniques and what they do for you. Hands-on work.

3:30   Individual meeting with editors for those students who signed up for them. When not in meetings, students can write, revise, meet with a reading partner or impromptu crit. group, or do creativity exercises we provide.

4:30   Lessons Learned—what you’ve learned about yourself and your manuscript, and what do you do next? Discussion. Final questions.

Click link for more information, and registration details:

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Sounds like a wonderful workshop, wish I didn’t live so far away.


  2. Thanks Kathy – this workshop sounds incredible! Great opportunity to learn from Eileen and Harold.


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