Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 14, 2013


Believe me you will feel like pulling out all your teeth if you don’t realize that…

lost a tooth 8asmall

Thanks to Dow Phumiruk for sending in this illustration to help me make my point.  Dow is a pediatrician who has found her passion in children’s book illustration. Most of her work is digital, and she enjoys using a bright, colorful palette. She joined SCBWI in 2011 and is looking forward to her first national conference in LA this summer. Here is a link to see more of her art: .

the New Jersey SCBWI Conference being held in Princeton, NJ June 7 – 9 will close registration on APRIL 30th! I am making a big deal about this, because I am afraid that many of you will miss the date.  When I was running the conference, I would let people register up until the first week in June and because of that I didn’t realize that the deadline was a drop dead date at the end of April. If I didn’t realize, then I am sure someone else who is use to registering later could miss getting into the conference. I would feel terrible if you wanted to go and didn’t understand the change.  Please help spread the word, so that doesn’t happen. I don’t blame them for the earlier cut off, it will drastically help the committee prepare for the conference.

Talk tomorrow,


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