Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 3, 2013

Looking @ Democracy Creative No Fee Contest

Since I know everyone who visits this blog is at heart a very creative person, I thought this contest would interest you.  Not only can you win a large amount of money, but it doesn’t cost anything to enter.

The Looking@Democracy challenge is offering a total of $100,000 in prize money for short, provocative media submissions designed to spark a national conversation about how we can all come together to strengthen American democracy.

Here’s how the competition works:

Create and send us short digital media content that either:

(a) Tells a story about why government is important to our lives, or

(b) Tells how we might together strengthen American democracy.

Your submission can come in many formats such as short videos, audio stories, animation, music videos, public service announcements, infographics, blogs, websites, graphic art, even Facebook and iPhone apps. They all just need to be digital so they can be shared electronically– the rest is up to YOU!

We’re looking to hear from independent media makers, investigative reporters, students, graphic designers, artists – anyone with creative ideas to help engage Americans and shift the political discussion in a fresh and engaging way.

Use your creativity to share your vision of how to make government work to improve our nation, our communities, and our lives.

First Place for Best Entry    $25,000  
Second Place for Best Entry    $20,000  
Third Place for Best Entry    $15,000  
People’s Choice Award    $5,000
Emerging Artists  (7)    $5,000  Intended for students, young people, and nonprofessionals.

Entries must be submitted by 3pm Eastern Time on April 30th, 2013, using the application form on this site.Submissions may consist of a short (generally three minutes or less), creative media piece (video, audio, graphic, animation, photo, data visualization, social media or mobile game). Click HERE for more possible ideas to get you started thinking about your submission.

Questions? Contact


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  1. Is this open to international Artist or just for USA Artist


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