Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 25, 2013

Children’s Non-Fiction Conference



• What is new in children’s nonfiction publishing
• How you can use your talent to create books, e-books, apps,
and other media
• Finding work and setting up a business in the children’s
nonfiction market
• How to sell and market your nonfiction products with 21st
Century technology
• Applying your expertise in fiction to a new genre: nonfiction
• The Common Core Standards and how your nonfiction books
and apps can meet them

Faculty and Panels Include:

confnonfiction• Trade nonfiction publishers • Authors
• Educational publishers • Illustrators
• Magazine publishers • Graphic Designers/Art Editors
• E-book and app developers • Editors
• Book packagers/creation houses • Educators

Who Should Attend:

Authors/writers; illustrators/artists; editors; designers; students of creative writing, graphic design, and media studies; and digital developers–whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or published.

Why the world of children’s publishing needs this conference and why you should attend

1. The new Common Core Standards have put an emphasis on Nonfiction like never before. At higher levels of education, children are expected to read more Nonfiction than Fiction.

2. Nonfiction is more popular than ever before, with several major children’s books awards allowing Nonfiction entries and choosing Nonfiction winners. There are an increasing number of Nonfiction-only awards.

3. It is easier for authors, editors, designers, and illustrators, to find work and to get published in Nonfiction than in Fiction.

4. The revolution in digital publishing is about to transform Nonfiction.

5. Apple iBooks Author free software is tailor-made for authors, designers, illustrators, and other content creators to develop and publish Nonfiction products.

6. Self-publishing is the perfect solution for niche, Nonfiction publishing.

7. Independent creation and publication of illustrated Nonfiction books, enhanced books, apps, and games are increasingly attractive to digital developers.

8. Skills and expertise in Nonfiction are highly transferable to Fiction.

9. This is the first-ever conference devoted specifically to Children’s Nonfiction and to finding opportunities for work, setting up your own businesses, and getting published in the Children’s Publishing Industry.

10. The conference is planned, professionally organized, and presented by people who have successful careers in Children’s Nonfiction Publishing and who are dedicated to transferring their knowledge of the industry to those who will carry it through the 21st Century.

Click here to register!

Cost:   Early Bird Registration: $390     After March 15: $430
Includes conference fee and all meals.
Low-cost housing in college dorms available. For more information, or for additional housing
options, click here.

Intensives, Manuscript Reviews, Proposal Reviews, Marketing Strategy Reviews, and Portfolio Reviews available as extras. Click here for details of One-to-One Critiques.

– See more at:

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  1. Oh if only I could just pop over from Australia for a few days. This conference would be so interesting. Kathy, I emailed the organisers of the Principals’ National Children’s Book competition because the only entry form I could find was from 2012, but so far I’ve had no reply.


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