Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 25, 2013

Free Fall Friday – Save this Date & NJSCBWI Conference Workshop Proposals

Deadline is tomorrow for entering your first page for critique with Agent Rachel Orr from The Prospect Literary Agency.  Click here for the details.  Many of you have been asking me for information about the June Conference in Princeton.  Below is what I know so far:

peterandlaurenThe 2013 SCBWI Annual June Conference dates are now confirmed so mark your calendars! 

June 7-9, 2013 – Princeton, NJ

Picture book illustrator/author Peter Brown (Children Make Terrible Pets, You Will Be My Friend, Creepy Carrots) and YA/MG author Lauren Oliver (Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem, Before I Fall, The Spindlers), as this year’s keynote speakers. Both speakers will be giving an additional presentation at the conference, too, so this is not to be missed folks!

Same location new name: The Crowne Plaza-Holiday Inn Express (formerly the Wyndham Princeton Forrestal Hotel) features newly renovated guest rooms.

As we have done in the past, the intensives will be held Friday and the main conference will be held Saturday and Sunday.

We’ll keep you posted on the faculty line up, so if you are on the New Jersey SCBWI list, watch your inbox for more details soon! Registration will be open mid-to-late February.


Deadline: Submit proposals no later than 5 p.m., January 30, 2013. 

Do you have some inspiring wisdom to share with your peers? Can you motivate others with valuable insight, tips and tricks of the trade?  Can you help others work on their craft of writing and illustrating children’s books?

We have some slots available for authors or illustrators to give workshops at the June conference this year. Experience in your field is preferable. Please read the proposal form including the terms carefully before submitting your proposal.

New Jersey SCBWI 2013 Conference

Workshop/Intensive Proposal Application

All potential workshop and intensive presenters must submit a written proposal. We are interested in a variety of types of workshops/intensives, both lecture and hands-on.

Submit a separate form for each workshop/intensive you are proposing.

Conference Dates:     June 7-9, 2013            2013 Conference Location:  Wyndham Princeton 

Proposal Due Date:    To be received no later than 5 p.m., January 30, 2013

We will strive to notify presenters by February 15, 2013

Submit to:  Subject: Conference Proposal Application


Title of Workshop/Intensive: _________________________________________


Circle one: Workshop presentation (45 minutes) or  Friday Pre-conference intensive (4 hours)


Phone: ________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________ 

Email: _________________________________________ 

Website: ________________________________________

Will You Partner with Other Presenters for Your Workshop? ______________________

If so, list their names, addresses, phone numbers,emails,and websites:





Description (Please attach outline) of workshop in 150 words or less:___________________








Title of Workshop/Intensive: ________________________________________________


Maximum number of workshop participants? ____________________________________

What will your workshop focus on?


Writing            Illustrating       Marketing        Other (Specify)_____________________________

Which areas will your workshop focus on?


Picture Books              Middle Grade             Young Adult               Nonfiction

Magazines                   Bus/Marketing                        Illustration                   Other (Specify)___________


What level writer/illustrator will your workshop appeal to?

Beginner/Novice                     Mid-range                   Advanced                   Published


Presentation Style, circle all you plan to use:

Lecture                        Powerpoint                  Group Discussion                    Hands-On Activities

Handouts (you are responsible for printing your own handouts)

Availability:  Friday ______   Saturday:  ________  Sunday _________


Bio (no more than 60 words): ________________________________________________






Experience with topic: (no more than 100 words): ___________________________________







The compensation below does not apply to Keynote Speakers, Editors, Agents or Art Dirs.


1.  All workshops will receive an honorarium of $80.  So if you submit a proposal to do a workshop with other authors, the group will receive $80 to split. 

2.  Authors/illustrators who have a workshop scheduled on Saturday can come in for their workshop and stay to sell their books at the Saturday bookfair without paying for the conference.  If your workshop is schedule before lunch, then you will be invited to join us.  Please note: Last year, most author or illustrator workshops were scheduled in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.

3.  Any solo presenter who conducts a workshop on Sunday only, can come in for their workshop and stay for the morning and attend lunch at the conference without paying admission.  Monitory compensation the same as above.

4.  Any author/illustrator doing a workshop and has paid to attend the conference will also be invited to the Faculty Dinner on Saturday night.

5.  Anyone doing more than one solo workshop will receive free admission to the Mix and Mingle on Friday night.

6.  Any solo presenter who does four or more workshops during the weekend and at least six critiques, will receive free admission into the conference, receive a $300 honorarium and will receive an invitation to the Faculty Dinner.  Any author doing more than six critiques will have $25 added to their $300 honorarium for each additional critique.

7.  If you are chosen to conduct a four-hour Intensive Workshop on Friday afternoon, you will receive $25 for each person who registers for your Intensive and also receive free admission to the Mix and Mingle.  Conference is not included.

8.  Payment will be mailed within two weeks of the conference.

Email your proposal form as a word document (attachment) by no later than 5 p.m., January 30, 2013 to:


  1. HI Kathy….I’ll be making a proposal for the June conference…or another time if not this…think it’s fun, with author, artist, rep and maybe editor if we could get her…. 😉 cat


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