Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 31, 2012

Bringing in the New Year


I loved the way Dahlia Broul’s above illustration showed her animals enjoying themselves. I loved the soft inviting colors and even though, it isn’t a picture of noise, laughter, and partying, it somehow made me think of how bittersweet and lovely saying goodbye to the old year and bringing in the new can be on New Year’s Eve – even without all the celebrating.

There are all different ways to bring in the New Year. Listen to some music, play with the animals, gaze at the lights of the night. Celebrate with something that fills your soul and inspires you.

Stay Safe!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. the eyes on that lovely creature up in that tree, listening to the sweet music, makes me want to trade places with him. Loved this picture done beautifully. Thx for sharing it and Happy New Year.


  2. It is a beautiful and tender illustration 🙂


  3. Happy .2013…… May the industry ramp up and allow for celebrations!


  4. What a beautiful illustration! Happy New Year to you too Kathy!


  5. Kath, That was really beautiful! Donna


    • Donna,

      I wonder if you will see this reply. I looked up the Dodge Dart online today – cool. Wish you the best with it.



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