Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 23, 2012

2012 Best of Writing and Illustrating

Susan DarwbridgeXmas_tree_angelcolorfinal_ original_scan_fxd1 KT

December illustration by Susan Drawbough. Susan has been creating whimsical artwork for children’s markets and publishing for years – magazine covers, picture games, and books. Being constantly around children from toddler age to middle school provides Susan with tons of inspiration.

I managed to post everyday again this year.  Lot of posts informed visitors of contests they could enter.  Other posts tried to keep you up-to-date with Industry changes, while others let you know editor and agents likes and dislikes, and other industry talk.  Plus I shared successes, so we could all find hope and share the joy.  Here are the articles that I felt were worth another visit.  You may have missed some of them during the year.

Writing Cross Culturally

Agents for Picture Book Writers

Book Scouts

What Teachers and Librarians Need Now

Industry Changes: Jenny Bent Weighs in on the Good and Bad

Categorized Children’s Picture Books

It All Starts With Research (not the kind you think)

Words of Wisdom from Penn & Teller

Ten Character Development Tips

Tropes, Foils, and Other Writing Definitions

Tips to Avoid Horror Story School Visits

He Said, She Said – Using Dialog Tags

Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age

Non-Fiction Writing and Illustrating Offers Publishing Opportunities

How to Approach a Critique Session

Picture Book Writing Tips

Chipping Away at Writer’s Block

Crafting a Picture Book Dummy

Market Your Book─ Without The Book

Book Fairs and Exhibits

Re-Imaging Your Picture Book

Effective Query Letters

First to Final Draft – Novel Developmental Process

Book Contracts & Negotiations

Wordless Picture Books

Formatting for Maximum Visibility

How to Pitch and Submit Illustrated Projects

There’s a Whole Universe Out There:  World Building

Using Academic Standards as a Marketing Tool

Summoning the Muse

World Building

Too Theme or Not to Theme

School Visits – Teacher Talk

Free Database of Publishers Accepting Submissions

Five Opening Novel Blunders

Gone in Seconds

Story Behind the Newbery

Editor Answers Questions

Look into Tension

Develop a Thick Skin

The Waiting Game Tips

Killing Your Darlings

Hooking Your Readers

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Characters

Poetry Critique/Revision Checklist

Can You Answer “YES?” – Synopsis Questions

Critiquing Your Writing? Nine Story Elements to Check

Critiquing?  Revising? 10 Writing Style Elements to Check

Inner Lives of Your Characters

Finding Photos

Write What You Know

Show don’t Tell – When to Break the Rule


Will Your Manuscript Keep Your Readers Reading

First Pass Editing List

Screen Writing Plot Techniques

The Journey of Writing a Novel

Agent and Editor on Trends in YA and Kidlit

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, your blog is so outstanding, along with you successfully posting every day. It’s quite a feat, and it must’ve taken a LOT of time to go through them all to narrow it down. Thank you for the year! 🙂


  2. Happy Holidays Kathy!


  3. What a great, useful list. I will be linking to this on my next post. Thanks.


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