Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 21, 2012

Free Fall Friday – Kudos

mary zisk card with me & baby
Author/illustrator Mary Zisk sent me the Christmas card she made. I added my name and my cute little red headed Conure, creatively named Baby at the bottom . Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and hope Mary doesn’t mind me jumping in.

This week we had a few more Kudos to send out. I thought I would share them with you.

At Balzer + Bray, Sara Sargent has been promoted to associate editor. It is well deserved and everyone who has had any contact with Sara knows what a great editor she is and we wish her the best in her new position.

Wendy Grieb just signed a contract to illustrate her first picture book!  Wendy was featured on Illustrator Saturday.  Click Here to View.

Anne Hoppe will join Clarion Books as senior executive editor on January 23. Previously she was executive editor at Harper Children’s.

Check back next Friday for the first page critiques by Kate Sullivan.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congrats to all! And Kathy, your addition blends right in with Mary’s work! I wouldn’t have known Mary hadn’t done it if you didn’t say so.

    And was there supposed to be something for Free Fall Friday? Or is that next week?


  2. Donna,

    I guess I should have said something about not posting the usual info, but the deadline was yesterday, so there was no need to put it up. I am struggling with a pretty good cold. All congested from my head to my chest.



    • Kathy, I just now saw this. Don’t know why I didn’t get notified; maybe I forgot to check the box.

      Anyway, are you feeling any better?

      And I keep logging in under the other name, so I’m just reminding you this is me, too! lol


      • Donna,

        I do know it is you. You didn’t reply to my e-mail. Hope you had a nice Christmas. I am still sick. I just keep getting worse, if that is possible. I just got some antibiotics in me this afternoon. Basically, I have been in bed for the last 11 days. Everything is clogged or hurts, even my tongue hurts. Half the people I know are sick, so I’m not the only one out there feeling bad. It’s a good thing that I made a point of doing my blogs ahead of time. Only I haven’t gotten anything back from Kate for tomorrow. I guess I will just move Sunday to Friday and hope that she realizes she missed sending them to me the critiques. Hope you are well.



  3. Good job, Kathy. You could have fooled me! I love conures! and I’m sharing the same cold–yuck.


    • Mary,

      I see you have seven pets. Boy, my son would love that. Question: you have two birds and one cat. How do you keep the cat from eating the birds? We would like a cat, but my bird sits on top of his cage and I have been afraid he would be a taste dish for a cat.



      • Our two cats live on the second floor with my daughter (I’m allergic to cats). The birds live on the first floor with me. The dogs go to both floors. I feel bad for my cockatiel. He was our first pet and used to come out of his cage. But since the dogs arrived, he’s been a prisoner and has to just settle for a head rub.


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