Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 25, 2012

Kudos & Industry Changes

This black and white sketch was sent in by Barbara DiLorenzo.  Barbara was featured this year on Illustrator Saturday.  She teaches a watercolor class through The Creative Center at Confucius Plaza in NYC one day a week. The rest of the time she is working steadfastly on building her children’s illustration portfolio.
Rob Regan (author and musician) has been working on self-publishing his book titled, Kobee Manatee, Heading Home to Florida – Children’s Informational Picture Book  32 pages (ages 3 to 7)

He sent me a picture of the front cover.  Can you believe that Lauren Gallegoes is the ilustrator?  She was featured on Illustrator Saturday a few weeks ago.  I should have asked when she mentioned she was working on a picture book about a Manatee if it was Robs’.  He plans on releasing the picture book in late spring/early summer of 2013.  He is currently recording KOBEE’S SONG, which will be available for dowload with the book.

Gayle Aanensen’s SUMMER OF THE SUFFRAGISTS won Honorable Mention in the 20th Annual Self-Published Book Contest with Writer’s Digest! THE LITTLE ROUGH RIDER AT THE SHORE, Gayle’s first book, won the same Award in 2008!

Jan Milusich’s middle grade fantasy ebook entitled Bryn’s Quest: The Search for Clun’s Treasure is releasing this month. It is being promoted as a 20% pre-order special at MuseItUpublising.
If you haven’t heard by now, Sheri Perl-Oshins is now the Assistant RA for the New Jersey SCBWI and our new Illustrator Coordinator is Karen RomagnaTara Lazar is taking on a new position of Social Media Captain.  I am sure Tara and Leeza will be telling us more about that.
Just in case you didn’t look at my post on Thanksgiving: GOOD NEWS: Ame Dyckman’s BOY + BOT is a FINALIST in the Best Picture Book category for the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards! You helped Ame make the finals, let’s help her WIN! Voting runs through Tuesday, November 27th. Here is the link to use to vote for Ame.

Kami Kinard’s THE BOY PROJECT TOO: Notes and Observations by Tabbi Reddy, humorously following the efforts of Tabbi Reddy, best friend of Kara McAllister (The Boy Project, Scholastic 2012), as she attempts to use a project for her algebra class as a way to change her unlucky love life into a success story, again to Aimee Friedman at Scholastic, by Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio.

Frank Berrios has been promoted to editor for the Random House Children’s and Golden Books licensed publishing group, where Courtney Carbone has moved up to assistant editor.

Congratulations, everyone!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. As a good “Social Media Captain” should, I’m commenting! LOL. The “Captain” will launch with an official NJ-SCBWI Twitter and sail from there. We’ll announce more soon! Land-ho!


  2. Congrats to everyone on their good news!


  3. Congrats to everyone for all the great news here! 🙂

    Also, I read THE BOY PROJECT and love that there’s a sequel coming out! The first one was excellent 🙂

    And has anyone heard from Gayle. I know she lives in an area hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Hope all’s well!


  4. Thank you so much for including my illustration Kathy! And congratulations everyone!


  5. Thanks so much for including me in your good news thread! Happy Days!


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