Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 31, 2012

Halloween Kudos

This October illustrationwas sent in by Louise C. Bergeron.  I have been waiting all month to show this one off.  Just love the celebrating witches!  It doesn’t look like they care that they forgot to shave their legs.  Louise says it was wrapped around a box (matchbox style) and done as part of a promotional event she took part in.  Louise was featured on illustrator Saturday in May.   – Happy Halloween!!!

Had to show off this illustrationfrom Vesper Stamper’s book in progress, “Bat Branch, Bird Branch”, since it goes so well with the day. It was done in watercolor and ink on Arches 140 lb HP.  Also, Vesper has a lot of good news to share:

Grant for Scotland Book

 This illustration was done in Ink and gouache on Arches 140 lb HP for THE SEA-KING’S CHILDREN.

Vesper has been the name recipient of the 2012 Lincoln City Fellowship! She’ll be traveling to the Isle of Lewis, Scotland this spring (perhaps earlier) to research her graphic novel, The Sea-King’s Children!

Parsons Alumni Show

For the second year in a row, Vesper was chosen for the Parsons School of Design Alumni Show. The above piece from The Sea-King’s Children was selected. Vesper’s illustration was done in Ink and gouache on Arches 140 lb HP.

Current Book Nearing Completion

Vesper is nearing completion on the final art for her current book, In the Hall of the Mountain King, adapted from Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt by music educator Allison Flannery. The book will be available this spring from Samizdat Books.

Another kudo for illustrator Lorraine Dey.  Lorraine’s new book, “The Rain Forest Party” that she wrote and illustrated has just won the silver “Mom’s Choice Award”, for National recognition in Children’s Picture Books!

This book was published by Raven Tree Press.

Ame Dyckman, known for her spikey hair and  her picture book BOY + BOT announced that GoodReads has nominated BOY + BOT for  Best Picture Book of 2012!

Let’s help Ame and her perfect picture book win! Vote here:

Congratulations! Vesper, Lorraine, and Ame.

How did you pull through the hurricane?  Somehow I got off without losing my electricity (just went off a few times and came back on) or experiencing any damage to my house.  I know others were not as lucky.  I wish all of you a speedy recovery.  Let me know how you made out.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. and HAPPY BOO to everyone inspite of the FRANKENSTORM SANDY and her western friend….


  2. I have power too. No excuse not to work;) Happy Halloween and best to all who are cleaning up, or waiting for the lights.


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