Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 24, 2012

Finding Photos

Vin Vogel is a Brazilian illustrator and aspiring children’s book writer based in New York City. He has illustrated more than 45 books for children and young adults. He has also provided illustration and character designs for a wide variety of print, animation, apparel and web projects in his native country as well as in Canada, France and the USA. His personal obsessions range from children’s books, animated cartoons and music to big cities, nature and animals. They all manage to find their way into his imaginative and colorful works.

Lanise Brown had a great post on where to find photos.  Anyone who follows this blog, knows I always try to add a picture with a post.  I do that because I know I am a visual person and need that to catch my eye, but marketing studies show that most people are drawn to articles or blogs with a visual.  But now-a-days authors are trying to create book trailers to help promote their books and knowing where to look for photos without it costing you an arm and a leg is very valuable information, so I thought I would share an except from Lanise’s Blog Time Journal

Here it is:

You can find photos online anywhere but have you stopped to think about the copyright? To avoid any of that hassle, I use free stock photo websites:

Stock.xchng – Requires Registration – You have to register if you want to download their free stock photos. Some of the images have restrictions that require you notify and attribute the photographer before you use their photo. However, most images don’t have those restrictions.

Just make sure you look at each photo (those restriction are posted right beside the download button, so you can’t miss it), and read the Image License Agreement before you download.

Morgue File – Totally FREE – No strings attached here. Their photos are completely free and can be used for public or corporate use.

Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain Images – I love using Wikimedia to find pop culture photos. Let’s say you need a photo of Frankenstein. It’s on the Wiki.

There are tons of other public domain images. And each photo has its own licensing agreement posted on the download page.

Click Here to Read the Rest.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Very useful stuff, as usual.


  2. Thank you, once again, Kathy! Such invaluable information, as usual.


  3. Wow! Thanks, Kathy! I can’t get enough free photos and images for the work I do!


  4. Great info on photos. Thanks, I needed this.


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