Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 15, 2012

Nine Tips to Get Noticed by Industry Professionals

Here are a few tips to get noticed by influential publishing industry.

1.  Many agents, editors, publishers, authors, and illustrators are online.  Follow them.

2.  Say “Hello” with a tweet.  Send a compliment.

3.  Retweet their content.  Compose a new Tweet that send people to their blog.

4.  Leave a comment on their blog, if they have one.  Even if they don’t have the time to reply, they will see it, appreciate it and get to know your name.

5.  Read their tweets.  They just might mention that they will be traveling to a city near you.  This would be a perfect opportunity to let them know of a wonderful restaurant in the area, etc.  That will be a welcomed tweet.

6.  Use Linkedin to your advantage.  See who has a Linkedin account and look for things in common.  They might have gone to the same college or a college of a friend of yours.  There could be a link with their hometown or previous place of employment, if so, find a way to mention it in a tweet.

7.  Ask a question.  Even busy people like to be helpful when they can.  This might not work for Hollywood stars or a famous athlete, but it is worth a try.

8.  Go out of your way to be gracious and generous without expecting anything in return.  You will find this tends to come back to you.

9. Don’t forget facebook is another great tool to add to your arsenal of social tools.

Talk tomorrow,




  1. Do industry pro’s relly not mind these tweets???? I’d never do that… even with my promotion, I CAREFULLY email blasts and the occasional ‘congrats’ etc. for something. These are busy people!!! Helpful list though…. Thanks as always Kathy…chris


    • Chris and Tracey,

      Thanks for pointing out to me how someone could read this post. I should have been more detailed.

      Following someone on Twitter is a way to have their tweets show up on your Twitter page. This gives you the opportunity to learn a little bit about what that person likes and a little bit about their personality.

      Just because you follow them, doesn’t mean they will follow you back, so you will not be filling their account, unless they do. Of course, you would not start a twitter account and then only follow agents. You want to follow a mix of people, authors, illustrators, editors, agents, and other writers and friends. You never want to look like a stalker. You use all the same social manners that you normally would use if you met the person at a party. Remember, it is important to be aware of how other people preceive you.

      If you are following them on their blog and they are open to comments then leaving a comment should be welcomed, especially if you are adding something good to the conversation. It should never feel like you are stalking them.

      If you follow them on facebook and they decide to follow you back, then make sure you are leaving appropriate comments and be sensitive to how you are coming across. You should be sensitive to not look like the ony reason you are there is to promote yourself. Remember this is a two way street. Note: If you are annoying they will unfollow you and you will not have gained anything, except for developing a negative impression.

      Please never phone call or e-mail, unless you have developed a personal relationship with the person and are positive that it will not make them uncomfortable. Just use common sense.



  2. Good list. Though I’d go easy on twitter. I’ve heard a couple of agents say that they sometimes look through a potential client’s twitter to see if they’re agent “stalkers” with mostly agent tweets and RTs on their page. So that could be tricky.


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