Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 27, 2012


August Illustration was submitted by Kim Dwinell. She is a freelance illustrator who also teaches in the illustration/ animation departments of California State University Fullerton and Long Beach. She likes to dabble in both illustration and animation worlds, and has found what she feels is the perfect combination of both in the medium of graphic novel. You can check up on her current project, “Surfside Girls, The Secret of Danger Point” at can see more of her work at


Submission Guidelines

  • The competition is general and not necessarily on Jewish or Israeli subjects.
  • Challenging, humorous and/or curious poetry is welcome.
  • Poems should be unpublished, no more than 40 lines, including stanza breaks but not including title.
  • Poems arriving after the closing date will be automatically entered into the next year’s contest.
  • Deadline:   September 30th. 2012.
  • Entry Fees: Voices members:
    1 poem NIS19, $5,  €4, or £3;  
    3 poems NIS38, $10,  €8, or £6;  
    6 poems NIS57, $15,  €11, or £9
  • Non members:
    1 poem NIS23, $6,  €5, or £4;
    3 poems NIS46, $12,  €9, or £7;  
    6 poems NIS69, $18,  €13, or £11

How to Submit

You may submit 1, 3 or 6 poems per entry.  You may send more than one entry if you wish but each entry must be submitted separately.

  1. Pay the entry fee by PayPal or by check (see below)
  2. Send your poems by typing or pasting them into the body of an email (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE).
  3. All your poems should be typed into a single email.
  4. The subject line of the email should contain your name plus the words Reuben Rose entry.
  5. Please include all your contact details: full name, physical address and phone number at the top of the email.  No identifying information should appear on or next to the poems themselves as they will be extracted and judged anonymously.
  6. Please NO FANCY FORMATTING – USE TIMES NEW ROMAN LEFT ALIGNED – poems are judged on their content and fancy formatting only makes things difficult to send to the judges.
  7. Note that the poems must be unpublished and not more than 40 lines long.
  8. Please also state in your email whether you have paid by PayPal or will be sending a check.
  9. Send your email to

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Loved the illustration and Kim’s site, too. Great stuff!


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