Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 12, 2012

Publishing Industry Changes

This August illustration, sent in from Joanne Friar, shines a little light in the attic. I’m hoping this list of changes will shine a little light on what is happening in the publishing industry.  

Joanne was featured on Illustrator Saturday in March.  Here’s the link:

Julie Romeis, former Editor at Chronicle Books has formed her own editorial consulting company.

Katerina Damkoelher, has left Sterling Publishing to take an art director position at Amazon.

Melanie Cecka will join Knopf Children’s on August 20 as associate publishing director, reporting to Nancy Hinkel. Most recently she was publishing director at Bloomsbury Children’s, and she began her career at Random House, first as an editorial assistant at Villard Books before moving into children’s books.

Rebecca Hunt has joined Harlequin Nonfiction as editor. She was most recently associate editor at Penguin.

At Chronicle Books, Naomi Kirsten has been promoted to editor, children’s group.

At Holiday House, Sylvie Frank has been promoted to editor and Sally Morgridge moves up to editorial assistant.

At Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Andrea Spooner has been promoted to editorial director, while Erin Stein moves up to editorial director, brand, licensed, and media tie-in publishing.

At Simon & Schuster Children’s, Hannah Buchsbaum has joined Little Simon as associate editor. Previously she was at Disney Press.

Editor Samantha McFerrin has left Harcourt and is Senior Editor at Disney Animation Publishing.

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  1. Kathy, I KNEW I recognized this gorgeous painting from one of your Illustrator Saturdays 🙂 It’s so beautiful!


    • Donna,

      When are you going to send in an illustration for me to put up?



      • You are so funny. Well, if you want, someday you can use that Christmas one I sent you way back when. I know you had it scheduled at one point, but it never actually went up, that I can recall. It’s only a few months away, sooooooo……… lol


      • Donna, Yes, it did.

        Kathy (Sharing Children’s Writing and Illustrating Information)

        > Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 21:08:33 +0000 > To: >


      • LOL Kathy! You know, I had to do a search and finally found it! It did go up on Dec. 24th and somehow I never got the newsletter! Figures, right? I’m surprised you never asked me why I never posted. Oh, my! But I LOVE your wish for me 🙂 I really hope it comes true!


  2. Thanks for the updates, really helpful!


    • Maria,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.



  3. So much happening in the industry! Thanks for keeping us informed!


    • Tara,

      There is and I hear you are going to give speech at Rutgers One-on-One. Congrtulations!



  4. Thanks for the update Kathy!


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