Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 19, 2012

Taxes, Critique Bid, Contracts, Dinner & Illustration

The above June Steampunk Mermaids illustration was done by Elena Caravela.  Her first assignment as an illustrator of children’s picture books (The Birds of the Harbor, Shenanigan Books, 2006) won two Moonbeam awards for both illustration and writing. Shortly thereafter the Children’s Book Committee of the Bankstreet College of Education selected her second book (A Night of Tamales and Roses, Shenanigan Books, 2007) for inclusion as finalist in the best children’s books of the year. Portrait of a Girl and Her Art i (2011) is Elena’s first non-fiction book for children, as well as her first book as a writer, illustrator and designer.  Here are her cyber connections:

We haven’t talked about the business side of writing and illustrating, but it is something that needs consideration. Author David L. Harrison talked about what he does business wise on his blog. Thought you might be interested. Here’s David:

I’ve been asked what does and does constitute a business expense for a writer. You absolutely must consult a tax person about this subject, but here are some practices I have followed for many years.

First, a writer is a small business person who may or may not make a profit in the early years. You don’t need to hang out a shingle or fill out a form. You merely have to be in the business of being a writer. Being in business requires certain expenses whether an editor accepts a manuscript during the year or not. Therefore, I keep careful track of paper for my printer, toner, pens, pencils, writing pads, stamps, mailers, research books, and other supplies required to do my work.

When I make a school visit, I keep track of my mileage and turn that in as a business expense. If I get paid for the visit, fine, but either way I had to pay for the cost of driving my car to and from the school. I also keep track of mileage if I attend a business related meeting such as a writers’ organization or a writers’ workshop. If airfare is involved, I save those receipts too. A trip to the library after research-related materials is another expense I have to remember to record.

In my case I have an office in my home…. Read the rest:

Anna Olswanger, agent with Liza Dawson Associates in New York donated a manuscript (with telephone) consultation as a literary agent to an auction that The Born Free Foundation is holding online.

Born Free rescues wild animals and keeps them in the wild. If you’ve learned to love animals through children’s books, please visit and consider making a bid before the auction closes this Friday, June 22.

Agent Stephen Frazer from Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency reported that he signed two writers who attended the New Jersey SCBWI Conference on June 8th-10th.

If you were thinking about attneding the Summer Networking Dinners in NYC. Please don’t delay, there are only two spots left.

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  1. Yeah for a great shout out for a great illustrator!!


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