Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 31, 2012

Getting Ready For the Conference – Checklist

Can you believe we are a week out from the conference. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER.  www.regonline,com/njscbwi2012conference

Now is the time to start preparing. Every year, we have people who forget to bring their first pages, don’t read their e-mails, and spend the whole weekend thinking we forgot to do things that were done. I know we are all busy and it takes time to read through all the information, but you spent a lot of money and I am sure you want to get as much out of the conference as possible. Use the information below to help get prepared.

You will receive your Personal Schedule (plus other attachments) next week via e-mail from Anita Nolan.  Since it only lists the activities specific to YOU, you should do the following:

  • Print out your Personal Schedule. It will be an attachment in the e-mail.
  • Print out the General Schedule
  • Circle or highlight your workshop and/or intensive choices on the General Schedule.
  • Write in your meal table numbers.
  • Write your One-on-Ones and Pitch times on the blank lines underneath each workshop session.
  • If you’re doing a Peer Group Critique, write in your room number in the blank space on the schedule.
  • Find a folder and put both your Personal Schedule and the General Schedule in the folder,
  • If you are scheduled for a First Page Session, please print out three copies of your first page.  Make sure your name is not on it and you have indicted the genre to indicate age level.  Put them in your folder.  Review instructions:
  • If you are signed up to do the Peer Critique Group Session, print out all the manuscripts in your group make your comments on the pages and place them in the folder.
  • You will want to be able to recognize the faculty, so go to: and print out the bio sheet with the photos.
  • If you have a pitch, write it down and put it in your folder.  It’s easy to get excited and forget what you have practiced.  You’ll feel better if you can look at your note, before you go into pitch.
  • Remember that some authors will be selling their own books and will not be able to accept credit card payment, so remember your check book and cash.
  • Add some business cards to your folder.
  • At registration you will receive a bag that will give you room to carry your folder, other handouts and books that you buy during the conference.
  • Remember to bring a sweater.  Hotels in the summer can be cold, so be prepared.

Where you one of the attendees who wanted a room and could not get one?  We have one room going back into inventory.  Before it does I could tell the hotel to put your name on it.  Let me know.

“At the Conference” Opportunity

There are a limited amount of spots left with a few faculty members. We will allow (on a first come-first serve basis) attendees to sit down with the people below to discuss you project.  The cost is:  $45 for 15 minutes and $80 for a 30 minutes, except for Stacey Williams which is $45 for 30 minutes. Obviously, they will not be able to critique your manuscript in that short amount of time, but they would be able to read a couple of pages and discuss the direction and advise you on how to proceed.

Liza Fleissig – 15 minutes

Ginger Harris – 15 minutes

Marcy Posner – 15 minutes

Eileen Robinson – 15 minutes – 30 minutes

Melissa Sarver – 15 minutes

Harold Underdown – 15 minutes

Lionel Bender – 15 minutes & 30 minutes

Stacey Williams – 30 minutes

If you e-mail me prior to June 6th and pay for the spot, we will reserve it for you. Otherwise, you will have to pay in cash at the registration desk when you arrive.

Due to a cancellation, one pitch spot opened up, with Marcy Posner on Sun. at 12:55pm. If you are interested, please email Donna at  with your request. Put “POSNER PITCH” as the subject line. The first person to respond whose one-on-ones do not conflict with this time, will receive a confirmation email from Donna. Otherwise do not expect a response.

Here is a little bit about the illustrators who sent in their artwork for May:

April Showers bring May flowers and May flowers bring romance!  Bonnie Branson is an Illustrator living in Newton MA. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. This Illustration is a part of a current exhibition titled, “Tell Me a Story,” featuring Illustrators from SCBWI New England held at the Warwick Museum of Art in Warwick, RI. To find out more about the exhibition please visit To see more of Bonnie’s work, visit:  

Dayle Dodwell is a published illustrator of ‘My Goat Gertrude’ by Starr Dobson which is my first book published by Nimbus and sold on Amazon.  The above illustration is of yet to be self published e-book.  His blog is  

Talk tomorrow,



  1. We’re really going to miss you!


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