Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 30, 2012

BOY + BOT + Ame Dyckman

Susan Brody sent me an e-mail asking me if I would post the interview she did with Ame Dyckman.  Since both are one of my favorite people, I immediately said, “Yes”.  Here is Susan’s Interview with Ame:

It’s the Ame Dyckman interview!! Ame’s debut picture book, Boy + Bot, was just published by Knopf, and it’s about … Well, it’s about a boy and a bot, in’t it? Her next book, Tea Party Rules, won’t be far behind. Ame is known far and wide for her Minnie Mouse voice, her frequently-changing hair colors, and her big heart. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Does your own family contain any of the following units:
a. A short, bald Inventor?
b. A tall, red robot?
c. A one-eyed blue light bulb set on spider legs?
d. A boy?

(laughing) Not exactly, Susan. We have:
a. A tall, fuzzy chemist.
b. A small, red robot vacuum.
c. A nightlight.
d. A (terrific) girl.

2. Does the Bot Inventor dye his shirt every day to exactly match his one-eyed pet light bulb? Alternatively, does he dye the light bulb to match his shirt? Why or why not?

The Inventor has a closet full of those blue lab coats. Watt (the little light
bulb bot) chose the color.

3. On the Boy + Bot cover flap, you say that when you became a grown-up, you remembered that you wanted to write books when you grew up. During the time before you remembered, what were you doing to keep

I had a variety of fun jobs, including window display designer, costumed character, and brownie taste-tester. But writing for children is my favorite job of all.

4. You ask your online followers to Bot-spot and notify you. What is the most unusual place your book has been spotted so far?

I received a #SpotBot picture of BOY + BOT in chair #108 of what appears
to be a very nice theater. Where is the theater? What was the show? It’s
a mystery!

5. Boy + Bot got an awesome review in The New York Times. Has Boy read it? Has Bot? If so, what did they think of it?

We all read it together, and everyone loved it! Bot put it in his scrapbook.

6. It’s rare to see such a complete and unconditional acceptance between a human, a robot, and their respective families. Is there, by any chance, a larger lesson to be learned here?

That’s a great question, Susan! I asked Boy and Bot what they thought about all of this. Here’s what they said:
BOY: “Bot’s my friend!”
BOT: “Boy-is-my-friend!”
Then they ran off to build a fort before I could ask them anything else. (I was going to ask the Inventor, Watt, and Boy’s parents, but they were playing canasta. I didn’t want to interrupt the fun.)

7. Why don’t Boy and Bot invite Watt to play with them? I sense that he would like to.

They ask, but Watt enjoys helping the Inventor. Occasionally, though, Watt will join Boy and Bot when they play hand shadow theater.

8. When is your next book, TEA PARTY RULES, coming out? Do you know yet who the illustrator will be? Can you give us some hints about what the book will be about?

TEA PARTY RULES, the humorous story of a bossy little girl and a bear cub who really wants cookies, is scheduled for release in 2013. It’s illustrated by brilliant newcomer Keith Campbell, whose first book,
LESTER’S DREADFUL SWEATERS, comes out this Fall.

You can meet Ame Dyckman, Dan Yaccarino, Boy + Bot at the conference in June.

Ame tweets at @amedyckman. Congratulations to her, Boy, Bot, and the whole rest of the crew!

Thank you Susan. To read more interviews over at Susan’s The Art of Not Getting Published 

Click this link to Susan’s Interview with YA novelist, Holly Schindler:

Talk tomorrow,



  1. OK, I have well over a month of Kathy’s blog to catch up on, but popped in as soon as I saw Ame, Boy + Bot were guests! I was very happy to learn Watt’s name because I find him especially special and if I were to ever meet him, I wouldn’t want to be rude and say “Hey…YOU! Yeah, YOU, in the blue bulb outfit!”

    And I was also totally entertained by the outstanding questions asked by Susan, drawing out the answers to the burning questions we ALL have about Ame, Boy, Bot, Girl and the Fuzzy Chemist. Thanks to all and I CAN’T WAIT to meet everyone (well, I’ve already met Ame, if my memory serves me right) at the conference! I have TWO copies of Boy + Bot to be signed by all involved! Ame, do you think Scott would sign it, too? 😀


  2. Oh, and Ame, I forgot to mention! Right after the book was released, I saw it at my Barnes & Noble (yes, I DID jump for joy and grinned from ear to ear) and I and my friend, Pat, took a bunch of pics! So I spotted it in the best place I could ever want to see it (other than in my hands or that of a hungry young reader). Of course, Pat doesn’t know how to upload photos from her phone, so I still don’t have them to send you! lol


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