Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 9, 2012

Conference Update

Two early pre-conference spots on Friday June 8th at 3:30 pm – 3:45 pm and 3:50 pm – 4:05 pm have been added for Dan Yaccarino.  The exciting thing is that you can use a Dan spot to count as your author spot.  Besides being an award winning illustrator, he is also an award winning author.  Dan bring alot to the table for a picture book writer or illustrator.

Eileen Robinson and Lionel Bender are scheduled for half hour consultations, but we have added a few regular critique spots for both of them.  If you wanted to meet with them, but didn’t think you could afford the cost of a consultation, this should make you happy and within your reach.

Please Note: Harold Underdown brings more to the table than just a normal critique.  He will critique your submission looking at it from a marketing point of view.  Have you submitted it to editor and were rejected? Harold, will discuss why it may not be selling.

Spend a half hour with Stacey Williams talking about your manuscripts and find out if and how they could be made into Interactive Storybooks.  Discover how to make that happen and find out how they are promoted and the type of money an author or illustrator can make using this new technology.  All this for only $45.  Attendees can team up and split the cost.  This is something you need to do on your end, we do not have it set up to split the costs.

All the Intensive Workshops in the past have been geared towards Mid-level and Advanced Writers and Illustrators.  I hesitated to add something for beginners or “New to the industry writers”, because I have found that most people do not want to admit they are beginner. It takes most people years to learn all the little ins and outs of writing and illustrating children’s books.  I thought I would give beginners one shot and asked Anita Nolan (who is an excellent teacher and resource) to do a 4 hour Intensive going over all the industry nuts and bolts.  This intensive will shave years off  your learning time – quite a bargain at $110, and that includes lunch.

There are still a few spots available for Mimi Cross’s Yoga Inspired Writing Intensive.  I have heard good things about this class.  Apparently, it really can inspire new ideas for you and your writing.  Mimi, who is a certified Yoga Instructor, will incorporate breathing techniques, creative writing exercises, meditation, visualization, and readings, in ways that will inspire participants to get their pens moving and encourage them to be open to the wisdom of their bodies and discover the hidden stories and the buried treasures we all carry around with us.

Read more:  No previous yoga experience is neccessary.

I should point out that all the Intensive are made up of small groups, so everyone will get a lot of hands on attention.

If you have signed up for 3 critiques and would like to add a 4th, please e-mail me with “4th critique” in the subject area.  I will get back to you before April 30th about your options.

Illustrators:  There are two spots left in Katrina Damkohler’s Illustrator’s Intensive on Friday afternoon.  The individual assignments are going out this week, so don’t miss out.  One lucky person attending will receive a tour at one of the publishing houses with the art director.  Each Intensive is limited to 10 illustrators.

Remember:  Deadline for individual conference schedule changes is April 30th.  Also, the deadline to submit your manuscript for critique is April 30th.  You will find the e-mail addresses for each faculty member doing critiques under “Bio” on the Registration Event Page.  Anyone who misses the deadline, will be charged a $15 late fee.  If you know you can not meet the April 30th deadline, you should immediately let me know why, so I can explain this to the editor/agent.

Talk tomorrow,



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