Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 4, 2012

Agent Scott Treimel & Editor Tamson Weston Opportunities

Even though Agent Scott Treimel’s Consultations are full, you can still get into his Intensive Workshop, The Power of Prose.

I am always amazed at the knowledge that Scott brings to the table. Editors talk about creating voice and character, but no one explains the HOW TO techniques to do it. Scott will show techniques to ACHIEVE WHAT A WRITER INTENDS: learn how to create voice, character, atmosphere, tension, mystery, and moderate pace to achieve different effects. In the course of his discussion, Scott will also explore the secrets of precise, vivid, brisk, powerful writing.

Attendees should send two pages of fiction to Scott, using no later than April 15th.  Scott will plan the lessons around what he discovers in these submissions.  This is going to be a good one.  More spaces have been added if you would like to register for this four hour intensive.

As you know Editorial Consultant Tamson Weston is conducting a pre-conference intensive on Friday June 8th titled, Crucial Steps to Revising Your Novel. She limited her the workshop to 20 people and it filled up fast, but today we had someone who had to cancel attending the conference and she was signed up for Tamson’s Intensive. So there is one spot avaialbe for anyone who missed getting in.

We’ve all heard stories of that bestseller that was rejected fourteen times before the author went on to conquer the world. And while it’s true that getting a publishing deal does require perseverance, there are ways that you can improve your chances right off the bat. Maybe what you need is a revision or two. Or maybe you’ve got the start of a really commercial novel, but you just don’t know how to pitch it. Or maybe you’ve got an agent who’s really interested, but she feels that your manuscript needs a great deal of revision. All of these are problems Tamson can help an author with.

After years of acquiring and editing books for children, Tamson can give you a clear sense of the market, how best to meet its needs and help make your project more appealing to an agent or editor.

In Tamson’s Intensive Workshop on Friday June 8th, she will walk you through the most crucial steps in revising your manuscript. These steps mirror her own process as an editor and will help you get a sense of what acquiring editors and agents might be looking for, and the pitfalls that are most likely to derail your reader. This Intensive is limited to twenty middle grade or young adult authors in order to work on everyone’s manuscripts.

Tamson will also discuss how to address common problems with voice, plotting and character development. She will show you how to tailor your revision process to the specific problems that are facing you in your own work. Finally, she will address the difficult question of when to persevere with a project and when to set it aside. The  people registered for the workshop should have submitted the first 15 pages of their manuscript and synopsis on April 1st to

Please sumbit it ASAP if you missed this deadline. Tamson will read you first 15 pages so she is familiar with what you are writing and will be able to use that knowledge during the Intensive. She is doing 30 minute one-on-one consultations during the weekend and there are still spaces for you to sign up for one of those spots. This does not count as an editor or agent critique, which means you could sign up for two editor/agent one-on-one critiques and an arthor critique and still add on a consultation.

My thinking was if you attended the Intensive and signed up for one of her consultations, Tamson would be able to see the first 15 in the intensive and the second 15 pages of your manuscript with the consultation, so you would end up getting advice on 30 pages of your manuscript, which would be cheaper than what you would pay if you sent her your manuscript directly. This would also give you a good idea if she was someone who connected to your story, before contracting her to help you with your revisions. Tamson is offering a discount to people from the conference on her services.

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  1. You know, when I was trying to pick which Intensive to attend, it was VERY hard to decide! I wanted to clone myself, big time!


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