Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 29, 2012

March Illustrations

Here are the Illustrations sent in for the Month of March. Did it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb where you live?

Vesper Stamper works as an illustrator in a wide range of subjects from children’s books to album covers. Her work is inspired by her parallel career as a singer and musician in the band Ben + Vesper, on the Sounds Familyre label. Her book with fellow musician Stephen Roach (Songs of Water), Satchel Willoughby and the Realm of Lost Things (2010), is a top five finalist in the NAESP Book of the Year contest. Her e-book with LuAnn Kern, The Night the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come (MeeGenius), was published earlier this year under the direction of Eve Adler. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, filmmaker Ben Stamper, and her two kids, who are experts in taking a backyard full of dirt and making it a world of wonders.

Bonnie Branson is an Illustrator living in Newton MA. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Using Photoshop, Bonnie creates colorful, and whimsical illustrations for the children’s book market and focuses on cool stuff like HISTORY, COSTUMING, and NON-FICTION.


Jennifer Thermes is a children’s book author and illustrator. Recent projects include illustrations for Maggie & Oliver, or A Bone of One’s Own, a middle grade novel by Valerie Hobbs. Jennifer’s art was also chosen for inclusion in this year’s SCBWI Bologna 2012 Illustrator’s Portfolio Display. Jennifer loves taking her pup for a walk on windy March days! Please see more work at: .

Kim Wood is an aspiring children’s book author and illustrator with a background in toy design. Samples of her work are on view at her website, Kim’s favorite spring time activities include tuning into the early morning chatter of the many birds outside her window and backyard wiffleball games with her three kids.

Geeky Gecko illustration by Phyllis Mignard:

Creating illustrations and stories for picture books is an art form to me just like clay is to a sculptor or a piano to a musician. It appeals to both my practical and artistic nature. I draw to please myself and write because I can’t bear to part with my characters with their stories untold.

This illustration was done by Nicole Tadgell and from her newest release from Albert Whitman titled “First Peas to the Table” by Susan Grigsby. The main character, Maya, is working on putting the final touches to her pea trellis, part of the school project which the book is about. It is early spring and it is softly raining.

Nicole have illustrated over 20 books, two of which have been awarded the Children’s Africana Book Award, the Growing Good Kids Award, and the Americas Award. Some have been honored with Bank Street’s “Best Of” list. Nicole is represented by Christine Tugeau You can visit Nicole at .

Marcy C. King is a new author/illustrator. Until recently, she was a drafts-person, specializing in home design and light commercial drafting, and before that she designed prefabricated roof trusses. Marcy holds an Associate degree in Architecture, earned in 1986. Ms. King published her first book, “How Orples Came To Be” through Strategic Publishing” in October of 2012. Her second book “The Orples Make A Tree Home” has recently been self-published directly through, and is the second in a series of orple adventures to come. Writing has always been a passion for Ms. King, but only recently, with the demise of the housing market, have her dreams of publishing books unfolded. In addition to writing her stories, Marcy also illustrates them.

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  1. Well, to me, March hasn’t been the best of months…if anything, it’s been just plain weird! Maybe because it’s behaving a lot like MAY! lol

    Anyway, this page is probably the nicest thing March has blown our way. Thank you, illustrators, for gifting us by rendering beautiful images that conjure irrepressible smiles 🙂

    Thanks, Kathy!!!


  2. Such a beautiful way to start my day!

    I’m always so blown away by the talent of illustrators…they’re so inspiring!

    I still remember how the illustrations used to affect me when I was a child and learning to read. They would pull me into the books like a magnet!

    I truly believe that artists are gifts from the heavens.

    Thank you for sharing these with us, Kathy!

    ~Eileen Balesteri


    • Eileen, I tend to feel that way about musicians…how they seemingly make beautiful compositions “from the air.” I’m in awe of that 🙂 Or how a mind could conceive of things like sounds being able to be recorded on vinyl—or ANYthing…or sending pixels through waves that appear, all put together, on the other end…or data by code that has gradually whittled down to palm-size computers…the conception is what amazes me, and I do agree…as with all good things, these are gifts from the heavens (well, to me—from God) 🙂

      All great stuff to appreciate!


    • Eileen,

      Such nice words!



  3. The illustrations came out beautifully, Kathy. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to post our work. I enjoyed reading about my fellow author/illustrators and continue to look forward to your posts.


  4. Reblogged this on orples and commented:
    Check it out, guys! Kathy has posted my kite drawing, as well as some other fine illustrations by other author/illustrators! Thank you, Kathy. 🙂


    • Marcy,

      I think it turned out great! Hope you will submit one for April, too.



  5. CONGRATULACTIONS MARCY! Glad to see your illustration featured here.



  6. Oh, wow. I just discovered this after it was reblogged on another site (Orples). These are wonderful! I especially love the first one of the girl in the red cloak. Eerie and gorgeous.


    • Writerlious (Erin),

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really like the girl in the red coat by Vesper Stamper. She was featured on illustrator Saturday lst August I visited your site and I was going to leave you a comment, but couldn’t find the button to do it. Also, the link that you have with Writerlious when you leave a comment is and that isn’t working. Thought you might like to know. I do like the look of your site with the lime green and white polka-dots and the black and white picture of your eyes. It makes me think of the Brady Bunch or Doris Day or Mad men or the late 50’s or early sixties. Probably something from my childhood bringing that to mind.

      Hope you stop by again.



  7. These are lovely. Just discovered your blog. Looking forward to seeing more. Have good week. Kathryn


    • Kathryn,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you will become a regular visitor.



  8. Hi Kathy! sorry this is a little late, thanks so much for posing “Snowy St. John,” as a March Illustration! I love your blog and encourage all my Illustrator/writer peers to subscribe. It’s a gem. Also I hope to attend a NJ SCBWI Conference next year, you guys cook up the best conferences!

    -Bonnie 🙂


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