Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 28, 2012

New Agent Looking to Build List

Elizabeth Pomada moved from New York to San Francisco with her husband and partner Michael Larsen in 1970 and started the Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency back in 1972.  Over the years they have represented many bestselling authors.  Kat Salazar joined Larsen Pomada Literary Agents in February 2011 as an intern for the agency working directly for agency co-founder Elizabeth Pomada.  Now as an Associate Agent Kat is actively looking for Children’s Picture books, Middle-grade, and Young adult. For adult audiences she is interested in Literary Fiction and Urban Fantasy.

Previously she worked for University of Washington Press as a Marketing Assistant and held internships at University of California Press, HarperOne of Harper Collins, and Wales Literary Agency. Currently, she is the Publishing Assistant at Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari Press as well as the agency’s newest Associate Agent and the San Francisco Writers Conference Social Media Director.

Kat earned a BA degree from University of Washington, double majoring in English: Literature and Communications: Journalism.

Please query her with the first 10 pages of your manuscript and a 1-2-page synopsis via email (no attachments) at

Talk Tomorrow,



  1. This sounds like a great opportunity! I have to tell you, though, that I couldn’t help but have Salazar Slytherin in the back of my head the whole time I was reading! lol Sorry—I’m just SUCH a “Harry Potter” fan (of the books!).


  2. Thanks for the heads up. I tweeted your post. 🙂


    • Sharon,

      Thanks! I hope is helps someone.



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