Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 21, 2012

Conference Book Fair Opportunity

This year the book fair we hold on Saturday June 9th at the conference, provides a new opportunity. Newbery Award winning author Kate DiCamillo will be signing books on June 10th, along with her Agent/Author Holly McGhee. Their books will be on sale on Saturday and Sunday, but having Kate sign on Sunday allows everyone more time with the other authors selling books on Saturday.

Some of those authors happen to be editors and agents. I have listed the books they will be signing at the bookfair, below. If you have a favorite book that you would like to have signed, please let me know and I will give the title to the bookstore and if you want to pre-pay, we will hold it for you.

See bottom of post for tips on how to make the most of your bookfair time.

Newbery Winning Author Kate DiCamillo

Our own Ame Dyckman’s debut picture book, illustrated by the famous Dan Yaccarino.

Two Great Books Written and Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.

Three Wonderful Books by Author/Agent Holly McGhee

Publishing Editor Margery Cuyler – Check back for other titles – Still working on list.

Two Well Reviewed New Books by Editor/Author Daniel Nayeri.

Author/Agent John Cusick’s Delightful Book.

Author/Editor Leila Sales Two New Books.

Author/Editor Harold Underdown’s Guide to Getting Published.

Author/Editor/Publisher Lionel Bender Will Autograph Books. Still Working on List.

Now a saavy conference goer will realize that having so many editors and agents sign their books presents another opportunity to get a few minutes of face time with them. You may be shy, and can’t bring yourself to approach an editor or agent, well this is a very non-threatening way to meet a few. Also, you have an hour to mingle and network with the other editors and agents, since they will all be in attendence.

Please don’t make the mistake of going back to your room until it is over. Use this time to your advantage and don’t forget other attendees. They are important, too. A smart conference goer knows that opportunities lurk everywhere. I will have more about how to handle yourself later on this blog, but this hour presents many opportunities. It also give you a chance to meet the other published authors. I will post their books next week. Please remember that someday you will be sitting there wanting someone to buy your book, so if you can afford to buy a few books and get them signed, this will come back to you when it is your time.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I’m getting more excited each day 🙂 I already know how wonderful the conferences are every year and they just keep getting better and better. Can’t wait!


  2. Time to crack that piggy bank! Might also need another book shelf…


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