Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 18, 2012

New Jersey SCBWI Conference Details

All Conference-related information can be found on the NJ SCBWI June 2012 Conference website:

The “header,” which appears on every page, includes basic “Conference Registration” instructions:
– About the Worksheet (to be used to fill out the online Registration Form)
– How to Register
– How to Confirm Your Selections and Registration
– How to Keep Tabs on Faculty One-on-One time slots
– How to Change Your Selections after you’ve registered

But below the header you will find the “Summary,” “Faculty Bios,” “Agenda,” and “One-on-Ones & Pitches” tabs.

The main page IS the “Summary” page. You can view all the information you need to know about the conference from these tabs without having to register or go into your registration.

Important information you will find on these pages:


– Hotel information and link

– Committee Email contacts for all aspects of conference-related events

Faculty Bios:

– Faculty Member Bios (agents, editors, art directors, authors, illustrators)

– link for printable version of faculty bios with photos

faculty emails for submission of conference-only manuscripts


– basic list of conference agenda, including intensives and workshops

– links for important pdf documents:

– Workshops and Intensives Descriptions

General Schedule in chart form (at-a-glance view of agenda; incomplete-no rooms)

Guidelines for:

– One-on-One Manuscript Submissions

– Peer Group Critiques

– First Page Sessions

One-on-Ones & Pitches:

– link for updated schedules for Faculty critique, consultation and portfolio review time slots

– list of possible Saturday and Sunday time slots for agent pitches

Click here for submission deadlines.

If you would like to share a hotel room to cut down on costs, please e-mail Connie Colon –  

Illustrators: Don’t forget to work on the logo contest for the conference bags! 

Also, the Illustrator Intensive is a little different this year.  The is a pre-conference assignment, where you get feedback from the art director, before finishing the illustration, but this year, it can be a project that you are working on if you are too busy to do the art director’s assignment.

NOTE:  If you have signed up for an Intensive with Scott Treimel, you will need to submit something prior to the conference.  As soon as I get the details, I will let you know what and when to submit it.

Let me know if I have missed anything.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. You will also receive email as back-up for various deadlines, notices, etc. dependent on what you’ve signed up for, but the pages on the website can be accessed 24/7 for you to double-check on virtually anything for the conference 🙂


    • Also, I would suggest you print out this page as reference.


  2. Brilliant as usual, dahlink! Give me a shout if you need an extra pair of hands at any point… xxxxNat


    • Glad you appreciate it, Natalie 🙂 And if you (or anyone else) thinks of something that should be included on the website, please email me! Thank you!


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