Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 14, 2012

Update, Deadlines and Reminders

If you have been thinking about registering for the conference in June and haven’t taken the time to sign up, you might want to put it on your “To Do” list.  Registration has been going strong and it looks like this year we might, for the first time, have to set up a cut off date. Here is the link to register:

For those of you already registered, and have booked a one-on-one critique and/or consultation, the deadline for submitting is April 30thThis does not mean you have to wait until April 30th to email your manuscript to the editors and agents you chose for critique. 

When you registered, there were e-mails listed for everyone doing critiques.  If you did not write it down, you can go into the system using your confirmation number and look for the e-mails.  If you have any problems contact Donna Taylor and she will help. 

From Donna: A quick note: for anyone who has a One-on-One critique or consultation, you  will find the emails (set up solely for the purpose of manuscript submission for  the conference) on the “Faculty Bios” page:  Simply find the faculty member/s you have for your critique or consultation  and you will find the corresponding email.

Only use these emails if you have a critique with the editor/agent.  This is not meant for correspondence with the faculty.

There are some Intensives and Workshops that need pre-conference submissions.  THESE DEADLINES START EARLIER.  So now is the time to get prepared to send in what is requested.  I have listed them below. If you signed up for an Intensive with Scott Treimel, please check back on this post on Friday to see what he needs sent in prior to the conference.


Here are the Intensives and Workshop that need your attention:

CRUCIAL STEPS TO REVISING YOUR NOVEL – Editorial Consultant Tamson Weston
Max: 20, Writing, MG or YA, Mid-Range, Experienced

 Tamson will walk you through the most crucial steps in revising your manuscript. These steps mirror her own process as an editor and will help you get a sense of what acquiring editors and agents might be looking for, and the pitfalls that are most likely to derail your reader. This Intensive is limited to twenty middle grade or young adult authors in order to work on everyone’s manuscripts.

Tamson will also discuss how to address common problems with voice, plotting and character development. She will show you how to tailor your revision process to the specific problems that are facing you in your own work. Finally, she will address the difficult question of when to persevere with a project and when to set it aside.

Please submit the first 15 pages of your manuscript and synopsis prior to the conference to by April 1st .


PACING YOUR FIRST PAGES – Editor Eileen Robinson from Move Books
Max: 20 people Mid-Range to Experienced

Do you insist your tale is great if only the editor would skip the first few pages? Does your beginning drag or does it feel like a race, giving the reader no time to get to know the characters or observe the setting? Is there a feeling of conflict or suspense? Have you planted seeds that will blossom later in the story? Do you have a “quiet” page-turner, a “noisy” one, or something in between? Have you captured the reader’s interest? In this workshop, we’ll focus on first pages only; in groups, we’ll look at the tone, style and sound in regards to the target audience, focus on conflict and suspense and how the pacing feels in those pages. Some first pages will also be read aloud anonymously for feedback, published and unpublished. This will be hands-on from beginning to end. The goal is to walk out of this Intensive with a “get noticed” first page.

Please submit the first 3 pages of a finish or work-in-progress by April 1st to



GETTING IT OUT THE DOOR: Are Your Synopsis and Cover/Query Letter Ready –  Editor Harold Underdown & Publisher Eileen Robinson
Writers. All Genres, All Levels

Your manuscript is done–revised, critiqued, revised again, polished. Now it’s time to send it out into the world. To do that, you’ll need to write a dreaded “query letter” and, if it’s a novel, a synopsis. Later, if the manuscript is requested, you’ll need a cover letter to go with it.

In this workshop, learn what to do and what not to do in a query letter, how to put together an effective synopsis, and the simple requirements of a cover letter. They’ll also look at what struggles with drafting a query letter may say about your manuscript.

The workshop will move from theory to looking at actual examples: if you would like your query letter or synopsis to be examined (anonymously) please submit to by April 1, 2012.


PLOTTING AND PRODUCING FREEBIES TO MARKET YOUR BOOK – Author Charlotte Bennardo & Author Natalie Zaman
Max: 14, Writers & Illustrators, All Genres, Advanced, Published, Under Contract or Self Published

The publishing industry is changing; authors are now largely responsible to market their own books. Nat and Char will show you how to plan and create your own marketing materials to promote your book. There is a max of ten people for this workshop so that we can discuss each participant’s book. Participants will need to submit a partial or full electronic copy of their manuscript and/or an ARC and/or cover art if available to by April 1st.



METER MAIDS: Sparkling Rhyme, Every Time – Corey Schwartz & Tiffany Strelitz Haber

Learn how to effectively use internal rhyme, alliteration, wordplay, scansion, and more, to turn run-of-the-mill stanzas into rhyming extravaganzas!

All participants are encouraged to submit a rhyming PB manuscript ahead of the conference. Selected submissions will be used to demonstrate writing/editing techniques during the workshop. Special Squeaky-Clean Bonus: The Meter Maids will “polish” one verse from every submission, and return to you, “bookstore ready”! Please submit to by April 30th .



Max: 40, Writing, MG & YA, Beginner/Novice, Mid-Range, Experienced

An editor or agent might decide whether to read further at the end of the first page.  Want to make sure your first page is the best it can be? This workshop will focus on common first page problems, what should be included in a first page, how to intrigue the reader, etc.

Attendees need to submit their first pages by April 1stto During the workshop, we’ll evaluate bits and pieces from the pages submitted, and also published novels to illustrate successful elements, problems, and how to fix them. Anita will critique all first pages submitted by April 1st,  but will not read entire first pages, just pull a sentence or two from them to illustrate points. First pages should be a max of 25 lines, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman, one-inch margins.




Bring three copies of a first page of a single manuscript with you. Do not put your name on the paper, but do include a title and indicate the genre (picture book, chapter book, middle grade, young adult, non-fiction). Your manuscript must fit on a single sheet of paper (begin at the top of the page). If you submit a second page, only the first page will be read.

Use standard manuscript formatting—double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman or Courier font, one-inch margins all around, half-inch indents for each new paragraph, single column of text. You may include up to the first 23 printed lines (not sentences!) of text from your manuscript. For picture books, this will be more than the first physical page of your manuscript. If your text is rhyming, put each part on a separate new line.

All the first pages will be read aloud by a volunteer reader and two editors/agents will give feedback.


You will be notified at the end of April or the beginning of May as to who is in your group and how to exchange manuscripts.     


You should have signed up to sell your books when you registered, but if you didn’t, you can go back i nto your registration and fill it  out.  


Now is the time to start thinking about your pitch.  I will post some tips next week.


Please remember to enter the Logo Contest for details.  Deadline:  April 15th

See you in June,



  1. thanks for this post, Kathy. I didn’t realize the intensives had earlier deadlines.


  2. Thanks for all the updates, Kathy!!

    One more thing: Just a reminder for attendees to contact me if they are looking to share a hotel room for the conference. I have one woman right now who would like to share if anyone else is looking!



    • Connie,

      Thanks for the reminder. I will make sure it gets into the e-mail I am sending out to everyone.



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