Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 29, 2012

February Illustrations

On February 3rd, I asked illustrators to submit an illustration inspired by the month itself. Most of you chose Valentines Day, but we had one Groundhog’s Day illustration and one President’s Day inpired illustration. Here are the illustrations submitted in no particular order:

MONSTER’S LOVE by Aaron Anderson’s : Aaron’s love of drawing covered his walls as a young boy and lead to a major in illustration at Utah Valley University. During his college years he worked for editorial and educational companies doing illustrations for their publications. After earning his BFA, he worked as a concept artist for a children’s video game publisher. His style lends itself to adventurous, humorous and lively fun themes. Aaron currently resides in Austin, Texas with his beautiful and loving wife. He is most grateful and pleased to be able to live his passion bringing life to his visions with his illustrating.

LOVE FAIRY (my title) by Virginia Allyn: Virginia has illustrated multiple trade and educational books internationally with a specialty in classic nursery tales. Her recent projects include Little Red Hen (Ladybird), The Three Little Pigs (Ladybird), The Gingerbread Man (Ladybird), and The Elves and the Shoemaker (Ladybird). She lives in sunny Florida with a red-headed snippet, the meanest cow kitty in the West, and lots of manila paper.

NATURE LOVE (my title) a watercolor by Gwen Connolley: Gwen has a degree in Illustration from Syracuse University and early experience as an advertising art director and illustrator. A class taught by Lena Shiffman at the Center for Contemporary Art kindled her interest in children’s book illustrationand lead her to study at the School of Visual Arts under Monica Wellington and Elizabeth Sayles. She hopes to illustrate picture books, early readers or middle grade books.

VALENTINE’s RED HEART by Susan Drawbaugh: Susan has been a commercial freelance illustrator for many years, and enjoys putting subtle humor into her work. Her creative ventures are put to work in her home studio off the coast of San Pedro, California where she resides with her husband. Much of her inspiration comes from their two grown daughters and very funny grandkids.

STRAWBERRY KISSES by Donald Ford: This illustration was commissioned for the grand opening of a new Gertrude Hawk Candy Store, where they put Chocolate on everything from pretzels to strawberries.

Robert Baird’s take on Punxsutawney Phil. She says, “I know I wouldn’t be too happy to be roused from a good sleep just to check the weather!”

Roberta is a full time illustrator from Texas. She specializes in whimsical artwork for children’s picture books and related industries. When not illustrating, she paints murals and sets for the theater and writes her own poetry. Her first book I See the Animals Sleeping: a Bedtime Story, was published in June of 2011.

VALENTINE BE MINE by Kelly Kennedy: Kelly was just featured on Illustrator Saturday. Click this link, if you want to check it out:  or go to  

STAND UP ABE by Lon Levin: Lon says, “February 12th is Lincoln’s birthday. Hence my submission. First off the government took his birthday away from him and combined it with Washington’s. What a insult to two of our iconic leaders. Also if Lincoln were around today I have a feeling he’d do well in stand-up comedy. The smartest minds are at it today. I’d take Steven Colbert and John Stewart over any of out leaders. I think Lincoln would’ve done great as a stand-up maybe like Jeff Foxworthy with a twist of Colbert. For that reason I think this illustration says February 2012.”

Check out  it’s Lon’s blogsite with a digital magazine page turn.

EVEN ROBOTS NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE (my title) by David Fisher:  David is a visual artist in North Carolina. He loves to do illustration, graphic design and poetry. You can see more of his work at and . Hope you enjoy his work.

POPULAR by Bonnie Branson: Bonnie is an Illustrator living in Newton MA. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Using Photoshop, Bonnie creates colorful, and whimsical illustrations for the children’s book market. Website:

Below are a few that were shown prior to today’s Post.

Joanne Frair:

Nina Mata:

Virginia Allyn:

Thanks to everyone who sent in an illustration for February.  Hope you will submit again. Check this Friday for new prompt.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Wow, all of these illustrations are either precious, funny or sweet in their own way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork with us, all you talented artists 🙂


  2. These are all fabulous, but I’m kind of in love with that groundhog. And Abe ain’t bad either. Can I get an amen?


  3. I’m very fond of several of your cute artists! and what a month for the images! including today…. 🙂 check out our blog for one for today!


    • Christina, can you give a link to your blog? (Unless it’s here on Kathy’s…)


      • Donna,

        I knew people would ask for the link and have already looked it up. Here it is:



      • Thanks, Kathy…I found it on your blog roll 🙂 I figured it’d be there!


  4. I really should have entered this contest. I’m so humbled by everyone elses fine work, I was hesitant to show my own. So, while not a part of the contest, Olivia and Oscar(my little orple characters) did send everyone a Valentine. If anyone wants to check it out, by all means, please do. 😉

    Other illustrations are in my general Orples Overview Category.

    I am really impressed with those drawings that were submitted in this contest. Next time around, I hope to be a little more organized. Kudos to all that entered, your drawings are lovely.


    • Orples, this wasn’t a contest, as far as I know. Kathy just likes to show the beautiful artwork here 🙂


      • I am new at all of this. Hopefully, next time around, I won’t miss the boat. Thank you for responding though. The art Kathy posted is charming.


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