Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 31, 2012

Conference Update & Request

For Those Who Have Registered For June Conference:

We have increased the number of pitches you can sign up for to TWO. If you would like to sign up for another pitch you can go back into the system (find the link on your confirmation) and add another pitch.
It must be with another agent.

Many of you have not taken advantage of signing up for a pitch, probably because you don’t have a finished story or you haven’t developed a pitch. My own personal opinion is that is a huge opportunity missed, unless you already have an agent. Every agent there knows a ton about the industry, so even if you don’t have a book, why not take the five minutes to ask a question?

What would be so wrong sitting down with any agent and saying, “I don’t have a finished manuscript, but I wonder if you think there would be a market for this type of book?” Or, “This is my first conference, so I am just learning. How hard is it to get an agent? Should I submit to an editor first?” Or “Are you willing to work with a writer to help them develop their book?” Remember, it is only five minutes and that time zips by.

Another few changes are:

1. You can sign up for more than one author critique.

2. If you wish to change your editor or agent critique, you need to send Donna Taylor
( an e-mail giving her the details. We realized today, that you would not be able to do that when you go back into the system.

3. We moved Author/illustrator Dan Yaccarino under the author section. That means you can pick him for an author critique or if you are an illustrator, you can pick him (under the author section) to do a portfolio review.

REMINDER: Your focus at the conference should be to learn as much as you can and meet as many people as you can.

Also, I hope you noticed that this year we added a four-hour Intensive Workshop “Writing Children’s Books 101”. If you want to write for children, you really need to know all the ins and outs of the publishing industry before you can be successful. One example: Every year, I see a ton of manuscripts and many “not so new” writers make mistakes on how to format their manuscripts. Author/Editor Anita Nolan, will cover this, along with all the other things you need to know in order to get published. It can take years to learn all the big things and little things that Anita will cover on June 8th. If you are new or relatively new I hope you will take the time to work on the basics with Anita.

NOW MY REQUEST:  I am seeking one or two people from each workshop to take notes of what was discussed in the session.  There are so many things available, I am sure I am not the only one who feels like they missed something important, because I couldn’t be three places at once.  After the conference, this would be great information to spread around to everyone who attended.  Please contact me if you think you can handle taking notes and writing something up.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, you always give great advice. In fact, our conversation led to me doing an agent pitch when I hadn’t intended to do so this year. The reasons you gave me were the reasons you stated here and they are VERY valid! Thank you 🙂

    Also, I think it’s a great idea to ask people to take notes in the workshops for us to all share and benefit by. You truly are quite the “idea” person! 😀


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