Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 20, 2012

Getting Closer

Okay, It is 1:30 am I am I still working on the conference.  Donna Taylor probably is still working, both of us have been up until 3am to 4:30am every night for the last three weeks.  Tonight we did our first real test of the system and of course, there were a few glitches.  Got all of them corrected, except for the big one.  Right now the reg system is requiring you to log into PayPal to pay for registration.  This took endless amounts of time, filling out all the forms and paperwork to get accepted so you could just used your credit card, but it isn’t working as expected.  We have to wait until they open up to try to trouble shoot this, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign up for a PayPal account just in case.  I think you can do it quickly if you just want to send money.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  I’m getting weary of non-stop work. 

On the “Good News” side, I talked with Margery Cuyler, publisher from Marshall Cavendish tonight and she told me it is okay to say she is doing All Children’s Genres with her bio.  You might remember that I said she had to make sure of Amazon’s direction, since she is going to be working on the Amazon side, but remaining as publisher at MC.  So you do not have to be hesitant to sign up for a critique with her.  If you have never had a critique with Margery, she is phenomenal.

Oh, the one thing I forgot to point out in all my other posts is that we have to charge a $20 Processing Fee for the registration system.  That amount  is 50% less than what we are paying, so I hope you will understand we are trying to keep the costs down, but we do want to make sure we collect enough money to pay for everything.  I really think you will appreciate being able to customize your whole schedule, so please remember the pluses when the charge shows up at checkout.

Donna Taylor took my little worksheet and made it look better.  You will find it on the first page, when I send you the link – Right before the “Register Now” Button.

Talk later today,



  1. Yep, it’s been non-stop work for weeks, and it started back in November, when brilliant Laurie started setting us up with our first Registration online! It’s been lots of learning and work for all three of us (and others, like Anita Nolan), but we think it will be worth it in the long run.

    As you’ll see, there’s a lot of control the members are afforded by doing it this way, not to mention convenience. Though we will be LIVE soon, we will still be tweaking format and little details we (and our helpful checkers and testers, Darlene J., Leeza and the Steens) have picked up on (and many of you will recognize Leeza’s “chicky” artwork 🙂 ). Take your time as you move along, from the Event Website and then on to the Registration Form.

    We sure hope you like what we’ve done, and thank you for being patient as we get our footing 🙂


  2. You guys are amazing. I always tell people that the conferences at NJSCBWI are incredible – and there’s a reason why: the tireless work you all do to make sure that everyone who attends has a wonderful experience. Many, many thanks!


    • Hey Kat…someone (can’t remember who) just recently mentioned your name to me and said we must meet. 🙂 Perhaps at the conference.


      • I think EVERYone should meet Kat! She’s terrific 🙂


  3. This worksheet will be super helpful! As we register, we’ll get a little sense of the massive job everyone did in the past to create our individual schedules. Time to prepare my wishlist for when we go live. THANKS TO ALL THE ORGANIZERS AND HELPERS!


    • Actually, Mary, this won’t be your complete personal schedule, so don’t confuse it! This doesn’t include the rooms, etc. You will still be getting your personal schedule come time for the conference. This is simply “selection” and it gives YOU the option to pick where you’re sitting at meals, according to availability. This will save the committee that work, along with having to figure out who goes into which workshops. Going online with this gave us a lot more work now, but will save work and problems later on (at least that we can foresee! lol)

      This will only give you some idea ’cause all you have to do is click on buttons and drop downs. Before I was directly involved I “knew” it was a huge undertaking, because it’s like a giant jigsaw with thousands of pieces that have to fit perfectly into place, EVERY detail has to be accurate. Actually doing it, you REALLY see it!

      The worksheet is for you to record your selections before you move on to the registration form so you can fill it out with ease, just as you would have if you were doing it on paper, only the information to pick from is online and only what’s available will appear.

      Also, the General Schedule (in chart form) is available to look at in a link on the front page of the website. This also is incomplete (no rooms), but chances are it shouldn’t change. There is ALways a possibility (though small) of something changing ’cause things can happen, people drop out, etc., so don’t print it out thinking it’s “done.” Wait ’til it’s the end of May or beginning of June to do that.

      Also, a printable version of the faculty bios (with photos) won’t be available for probably a week or two, maybe more. It will be available in a link on the “faculty bios” page in a printable pdf 🙂 Right now the bios are there for you though!

      Have fun once we’re LIVE! 🙂


      • Got my worksheet all filled out and ready to roll. Thanks, Donna!


      • Yay! And be sure to note that once you start, if you stop, go back to start or leave the site before you finish registering, you won’t be able to sign back in or re-pick your choices for an hour! Know what you want before you start and whether you’ll be paying by PayPal or Credit Card (I was told paying by PayPal is much cheaper!)


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