Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 31, 2011

Celebration! Happy New Year!

Hope everyone safely enjoys the last day of 2011. I would love to receive a picture of you having fun. I’ll post any that I get.

If Laurie was still my Assistant RA, I would say this illustration by Roberta Biard was of Laurie and me celebrating the New Year’s Eve. Only I don’t smoke or have a poodle, but it is such a fun illustration.  It really makes me laugh and want to get up and dance.

Thank you Roberta for sharing it with us. I hope some of you get a laugh out of it, too. You can visit Roberta at:  

I think these mice are having a great time saying “Goodbye” to the old year and kicking off the new. It was illustrated by Kitty Grady. Thank you Kitty for sharing. You can view her work at:

Now this is perfect for all you fashionistas. Brings back memories of my early 20’s. If you visit Louise Catherine Bergeron at: You will be able to see a similar fun illustration she did featuring the guys.

Looking at this illustration by Mary Zisk makes me realize that while most of us are out celebrating, some families are celebrating both the new year and a birthday. You can visit Mary at:  

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that this is one of my favorite illustrations. I just love how Sarah Chalek took giraffes, gave them musical instruments and let them loose in a parade. How I wish I was there to see them.

You can visit Sarah at: visit the feature I did about her on Illustrator Saturday – Sarah Chalek –

Talk tomorrow,



  1. All these illustrations are wonderfully celebratory! And I can see how you would envision you and Laurie in Roberta’s 🙂

    And I have to admit, the giraffes make me smile. I love giraffes 🙂

    As far as birthdays for New Year’s, our family gets a double dose! My son’s fiancee, Suzanne, is Jan.1st, and his father (my ex) is Dec. 31st!


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