Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 29, 2011

Short Story Contest

Don’t you just want to play in the snow when you look at this illustration by Beth Bogert? I do, but there isn’t any snow in New Jersey.

Love the illustration, Beth. Look forward to seeing other new pieces from you. You can visit Beth at:

In the Snake Magazine is currently accepting short story submissions for the Winter 2011-2012 Elephant Prize. Submissions must be under 7500 words. Multiple submissions are accepted: you may submit as many stories as you like.

There is a $10 reader’s fee per entry. They understand the reluctance many writers have toward reader’s fees. The contest entry fee allows them to pay out prizes and keep their site running. They try to keep their fees at a minimum. If you do not wish to pay the fee, you may still submit your story to them via Standard Submission, which implies no fee.

All contest entries are also considered as standard submissions and are eligible for the standard payment of $50 per story if accepted.

Contest submissions will be judged based on the criteria listed on their Guidelines page.

Contest prizes are as follows:

First Place prize is $500 and publication in In The Snake.
Second Place earns $125 and possible publication.
Third Place earns $75 and possible publication.
In addition, 10-20 finalists will receive certificates of honorable mention.

Contest Deadline: Monday January 16.
Winners will be announced on March 31, 2012


Talk tomorrow,



  1. I LOVE Beth Bogert’s work! I knew it was hers before I saw her name 🙂 Firstly, because it made me feel all warm and happy; secondly, because she’s got a style all her own 🙂


  2. Do you have a link for In the Snake Magazine contest guidelines? I’ll try Googling it.


    • Yousei,

      I can’t believe that I forgot to put in the links. I have added them, so if you haven’t already found them you can use them now. Hope 2012 is a good year for you.



      • Thank you. I hadn’t had a chance to go hunting yet. Missing a link or two is an easy thing to overlook when posting is one of many things on the to-do list. May your 2012 be a great one too.


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