Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 22, 2011

60 More Reasons to Write

Doesn’t this just make you want to start baking? Well, it would if we had a lot of time. Actuallt, this is an illustration made from clay by Helena Bogosian. Helena will be conducting a workshop at the June New Jersey SCBWI Conference, where she will teach how to work with clay for the illustrators at the conference. To see more of Helena’s work, you can visit her website  or click her to see her feature on Illustrator Saturday: Helena Bogosian –



We’ve assembled dozens of unique prizes with special appeal to writers like you, including:
•10-week Gotham Workshop (Online or in NYC)
•$50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
•Apple iPad 2, Kindle eReader, Nook Touch
•Books & Calendars for Writers
•Four-week How to Get Published and How to Blog seminars (Online)
•Gotham Shop gear including a Sweatshirt, Baseball Hat, and Book Bag
•Subscriptions to The Writer, Script, Poets & Writers, Zoetrope: All-Story, or Bookmarks

No purchase required.

To Enter:

Simply complete the form. Here’s the link:
and select up to 10 items for your wish list. Your name will be entered in a random drawing for each of the items you select. (There will be a total of 63 random drawings, one for each item. You will be entered in up to 10 of these drawings based on the items you select.)

Increase Your Chances of Winning

Entrants who “Share the News” will have increase their chances of winning each of the items on their wish list. Watch for details on how to “Share the News” after submitting your entry.

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

Talk tomorrow,

PS: Editor Heather Alexander immediately worked on the First Page Prompts, so I can post the critiques tomorrow on Free Fall Friday.  Stop back.


  1. This clay gingerbread house looks yummy enough to eat! I was considering taking Helena’s workshop, too, ’cause it crossed my mind to try to create my characters in 3-D. Thought it might help the drawing process. Granted—will I actually do it? Not sure. But it would be nice to know the best way IF I do 🙂

    And I entered the contest, of course! Thanks, Kathy 😀 And looking forward to Heather’s critiques!


  2. I’m posting again, simply because something weird happened with my email address and icon! Please excuse this! I’m hoping it will rectify it 🙂


    • It worked 🙂


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