Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 12, 2011

Marshall Cavendish Update and More

I wanted to share with you the response Margery Cuyler had to my post on Thursday about the sale of their fiction list to Amazon. The press release left me wondering what was going on. I was concerned about Margery and everyone else at Marshall Cavendish, so I was happy to hear from Margery. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Kathy,

The press release has created some confusion, it seems. It’s only the children’s division that’s being sold to Amazon, and I’m remaining as publisher and we will not only continue to publish fiction, but we will continue to publish THE BEST FICTION EVER, as well as children’s books for all ages. The rest of the company — not the children’s list which is going to Amazon — will be delving further into educational product. So no worries!

You know I’d never desert my first love in the whole world — beautiful children’s books! And my staff and I are continuing the business in our offices in Tarrytown, NY. This is all great news for us, and I’m excited about what Amazon can bring to our list with its fabulous distribution and varied digital devices.



Thanks Margery for clearing this up. Another thing that surprized me last week was the news about Stacy Cantor Abrams is leaving Bloomsbury’s Walker Children’s Books unit to oversee all acquisitions at romance publisher Entangled on January 3. The Children’s Book Industry has suffered a lost by having Stacy leave children’s editing. Maybe she’ll return somewhere down the road and our paths will cross again. We do wish Stacy lots of luck with her new endeavor.

Talk tomorrow,


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