Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 18, 2011

T.S. Ferguson Shares Expertise

Do you remember this face?  This is T.S. Ferguson, who used to edit at Little, Brown, and Company.  He left a little over a year ago and has been working at Random House in the eBooks production department, as well as editing YA articles for  I thought you might be interested in knowing that he just launched a new editorial business called

He is offering developmental editing and critiques on works of fiction for all ages, with an emphasis on middle grade and teen fiction. He says his edits are done in the same way he would do them if he were your editor at a publishing house and will help you strengthen your manuscript as you prepare to submit it to agents and editors.

He will focus on plot and character development, voice, marketability, and anything else that may need work or fine-tuning. He’ll touch on anything he think needs attention and will ask a lot of questions to get your creative juices churning during the revision. He will also do minimal line editing as he goes your manuscript, even though this is not his main focus.

His blog:


Please note: TS expertise is in middle grade and young adult fiction, however he is open to editing works of fiction for other age categories, including picture books, early readers, graphic novels, and adult fiction.

Talk tomorrow,


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