Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 13, 2011

Strength in Numbers – Form A Group

With the advancement of technology the doors are wide open for finding other authors, illustrators, and like-minded people to collaborate with to advance your career.  I am always getting questions from SCBWI members who want to find a critique group.  Most members think a critique group is just for writers, but illustrators can benefit from forming a group, just as much.  Also, published authors are getting together to form marketing groups to help each other promote and sell their books (See opportunity below video.)

In person critique groups are really nice, but it is not always easy to find someone in your area with the same writing interests.  Even after you get that job done, it is coordinate the meetings.  But if you open up yourself up to forming an online critique group, those barriers are eliminated.   Someone in California can very easily be in a group with someone in Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois, leaving you to focus on finding other writers on the same level with similar writing interests.

Yesterday, we talked about  It is the advancement of technology that has made it possible for them to provide authors and illustrators the chance to collaborate on ebooks.

There are difference places you can use to pull your group together online.  Laurie and I  have been sharing spreadsheets with, but you might want to check  out Wiggio for your writer or illustrator groups.

Wiggio allows you to:
  • Upload and manage files in a shared folder.
  • Allows you to send email, text and voice messages
  • Created to-do lists and assign tasks
  • Manage a shared calendar
  • Host virtual meetings, conference calls and a chat room.

And it is completely free.

Natalie Zaman and Charlotte Bennardo author of a new book titled SIRENZ are forming a marketing group.  If you have a new book or one coming out, you might want to give this strenthen in numbers marketing idea soem thought.  Here is what they sent me.

Authors! We are Just Book It!, a group of YA/MG/PB authors working together to cross and group promote our books. Currently we are looking for new members who live in the NJ/NY/PA/CT/DE area to set up and attend book signings and other events. If you are interested, please email Charlotte Bennardo ( for more details.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, this Wiggio looks VERY cool 🙂 I’m amazed that it’s for free. There’s got to be something about it that will benefit them, like mailing lists maybe? I’ll be sharing it with my brother, for sure! Thank you!


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