Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 1, 2011

New Middle Grade Focused Publisher

HOT OFF THE PRESSES – GOOD NEWS!  Eileen Robinson has started her own publishing company –  MOVE BOOKS. 

MOVE BOOKS goal is to grow and sustain boy’s appetite for reading – to Move them to read for the long-term. 

So if you have written a middle grade book that will inspire boys to read for pleasure, and help build their imaginations through books that resonate with them, then you have a good place to submit.  

Eileen Robinson says she is looking to publish their first book in the beginning of 2012, so this is a huge opportunity. If you have a polished and completed middle grade manuscript, then mail in your first 25 pages of  your completed novel and a synopsis to:

Move Books
P.O. Box 183
Beacon Falls, CT 06403

Do not email manuscripts.  Please do not waste Eileen’s time by submitting an incomplete manuscript.  This will slow down the production schedule at MOVE BOOKS.

Eileen will keep her writing consulting company – F1stpages, but this is a separate company and manuscripts that are submitted for this service will not get any special consideration for MOVE BOOKS.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to put a dash between Move and Books to find the website:

Boy oriented books does not mean you have to eliminate girl characters.

I want to hear when you sign that contract.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. This sounds like a wonderful endeavor for Eileen 🙂 I really wish her well with this! I wish I had a boy-oriented book! Mine is more neutral, though the main protagonist is a boy. None of it’s complete anyway, so…lol

    • Donna,

      Even though your main character is a boy, youo do not think boys would be interestred in reading the book?


      • Oh, I definitely think boys would be interested in reading the book. In fact, I’m hoping for it! lol But I’m not targeting just boys—-I’m thinking it’s good for both genders 🙂 The series keeps “growing up,” too. I never intended to write YA, but I’m not sure Upper MG is going to work.

      • Donna,

        I don’t think she means that the book has to target boys. I think she is just looking for books that a boy would want to pick up, read and keep reading. But she isn’t looking for YA in either case. Glad you got you answer from Susan. Did you know the hurrican delivered me 4 foot of water in my basement? Everything is ruin and it is going to take weeks to clean up.


  2. Oh, Kathy, I did know you got some water, but I didn’t know 4 feet! How awful! 😦 When you say “everything” was ruined, was it really important stuff that can’t be replaced? Does insurance cover that kind of stuff? 😦 😦 😦

    And I loved Susan’s critique! Great stuff 🙂 I was really excited about it and was glad you put up such a great, inspirational illustration 🙂

    • Donna,

      The oil painting I painted for my son when he was born. Almost all my Christmas treasure that I had been collecting for years. Lots of books and pictures. TV’s, computers. I had it all on shelves in totes, but the water swept things off the shelves and the totes must have flipped over, because the lids came off and all the contents were swimming in the water. I haven’t gotten to everything yet. You wouldn’t think water could cause so much damage. Material was ripped and some things looked like the water just desolved it away. Of course, everything is full of muck and mold, too. I can’t see how anything can be cleaned.


      • Oh, dear God, I had no idea. This brought tears to my eyes 😦 It’s a lot of precious stuff to mourn *sigh* Some things are very difficult to get past, but somehow we do—at least well enough, anyway. Please be careful with the mold. It can be an insidious thing and you don’t need to be getting sick from it, too. ((((GIANT hugs to you)))), Kathy 😦

  3. Thanks for the website address of Move Books, Kathy.
    When I read the article in PW I searched for the website but it didn’t come up on Google but your site did. I’m bookmarking your site!

    • Kathe,

      Lucky me! Glad you found me. Eileen probably didn’t submit her site to the search engines, yet. I will be talking with her on Monday, so I’ll let her know. Look forward to hearing from you again.


  4. Kathy,
    So sorry for the loss of all your belongings! Are you in Vermont? I am in New Hampshire.
    Kathe Molloy

    • Kathe,

      I am in New Jersey. I would have been okay if the electric didn’t go out for so long. I didn’t have a generator to pump out the water and I ended up with 4 ft. of water. I am lucky that it came back on when it did. At least it didn’t wreck everything on the first floor. You know you live close enough to think about coming to our conference in June. We have a lot of people from New England come. The nice thing about our conference is we go out of our way to make sure you get time to meet all the editors and agents. Last year we had 30 of them, plus 20 some published authors. With the ratio being 8 to 1, everyone leaves very happy and we have had lot of success stories at a direct result of the conference. You should think about it.


  5. I am at the SCBWI MO Fall Conference and just heard about Move Books. My MG novel won the Pike’s Peak Fiction Award, Children’s Category and has a boy protagonist. Can’t wait to send it your way.

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